Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Preschool Purim Parade

Everyone loves a parade! The annual preschool Purim costume party and hallway parade was a success. My monkey, red eyed tree frog and honey bear woke up at 5:30 a.m. and could not contain their excitement. I on the other hand, just wanted a few precious moments of Purim peace and quiet- at least until daybreak.

Here are the highlights of Purim 2010.

Do you like my costume? I went as a Jewish Mommie from New Albany. My TJ Maxx dress (size XL, thank you very much Kim) and black boots rocked the Purim parade. I was totally all over it.

My little tree frog was very popular with the Fairy Princess Remy. She tried and tried

to kiss him hoping he would turn into a handsome Prince. I would like to just put an end to this right now by saying, they lived happily ever after, but no such luck. He is still smittenwith the adorable Super Girl, Lielle. The girls did look darling all decked out in their finest costumes.It is hard to beat mermaids, princesses, and super girl when you are 4 years old and fearless. My personal favorite was Velmafrom Scooby Doo. Seriously, have you seen anyone look this cute in a costume?

At various times during the day I found Eli and Natalie being really kind to one another. I looked back while driving and saw themlovingly holding hands. Then, at school, they totally hugged for the camera

and were being so sweet. I know this is a phase- I am not stupid. I did however, capture the moment for my own personal satisfaction. I am sure someday when they are at each others throats, I can refer back to these tender times with the fondest of four year old memories.

So for Purim we did all the traditional celebrating, complete with Gluten Free Hamantaschen, costumes and groggers. I just need a good nights rest so that I can tackle the big Purim finale: The Purim Carnival. Would it be totally tacky to attend the carnival dressed as a Yoga Mommie carrying a Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte?


April said...

Awww, I love the picture of those two holding hands. My daughter has just started being into holding hands. Especially because i'm getting too far along to carry her far, we hold hands when walking outside. I love it. And sometimes she'll let me hold her hand while we're just snuggling. I can't wait to see her hold the babies hands, and see my triplets holding hands one day, even though they're all boys, so maybe won't be as cute as a B/G holding hands :) Precious though, really. Did you make their outfits? Adorable!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Sis I make their outfits? If by MADE you mean ordered them in Novemeber when Halloween costumes were 90% off with free shipping, then YES! I did.

I have a huge costume box in the playroom and I let them dress up all the time- these were costumes I saved back for this event, so they would look good in photos.

Thanks April. When are you due?

Allison said...

LOL! I have those same costumes, purchased in November of 2008 for 90% off, probably from the same website. I also have the chicken and devil costumes, and recently gave away three newborn bee costumes. I'm impressed your kids will wear the bear one - it is SCRATCHY.

April said...

That's a fun idea! My nephew likes to dress up a lot in old costumes. My "due date" is June 5th. Which, as you know, means nothing! But my perinatologist actually thinks I have a good shot of making it to 36 weeks! I have a LOOONG cervix he said, and my DD had to be induced at 41 weeks, and it took 3 days for me to dialate to a 1cm. Yay for my stubborn cervix! :)

The Husband said...

Personally, I like Mom's French maid costume, myself. But I don't know if she got it on sale.

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