Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Poopy Diaper Band

When Nick Junior showcased their new show, The Jumparounds, my kids were in awe. After a revision in the concept and a new name, their beloved singing and dancing group became The Fresh Beat Band. As annoying as the show is, my kids love it. They like it so much that they are mimicking the idea and have started their own sensation in my living room.

Introducing the Poopy Diaper Band starring Eli, Natalie, CJ and Charlotte. Keep in mind this band was created totally by the members, named by the leader of the band, (Natalie) and is an original Slutsky production.

These special shows are not improv- they are meticioulsy rehearsed and practiced in the play room. The musical director, Eli, is certain that all the members know their parts, and get all the moves choreographed accordingly. CJ wanted to add drums to their repetoire, but Eli said we did not have any drums available. CJ took matters into his own hands, literally and he concocted his own drum set.
The sound of a spoon banging on the underbelly of various toys added a nice element to the sound of the Poopy Diaper Band. CJ now has a drum solo in one of the sets.

That kids love to rock it out.

Potty jokes are all the rage now, so The Poopy Diaper Band is HOT! They perform daily and the shows can last up to an hour. I have not dared to flick my lighter at the close of the production because I am always glad the show has ended and showing an open flame to preschoolers is a recipe for disaster. I did find out that the i-phone has an application for the image of the lighter flame, for use at concerts. I guess I could use that, but somehow I bet it gets lost in translation.

Last month when Target had that 75% toy sale I scored some recorders and harmonicas for $1.98 each. These were supposed to be given as gifts, but early this morning when it was freezing cold, and we were stuck inside, I caved. I must have been high on coffee and sugar when I decided to give each of my children a noise making device. While it was cute to watch them jam, it was ridiculously loud and obnoxious. After ten minutes I took the instruments away under the guise that I did not want the batteries to run out, and I put them on a tall shelf so they could re-charge. The kids did not object and instead they worked on vocals for a while. I am sure that someday I will look back at these videos with fond memories, but for now, I just want some earplugs and a Valium drip.

The Poopy Diaper Band, a Silly Slutsky production. Limited engagement only. NO passes. C'mon Nickelodeon, eat your heart out.

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