Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Snowy Saturday

This post could have been titled "Why I love being married to Jeff Slutsky" because today was the day we worked together like a well oiled machine. He made breakfast and let me sleep in for an extra hour, I got the kids decorated and dressed. He shoveled the driveway. I took the kids sledding..

Our ying and yang were doing overtime on the snowy Saturday in New Albany.

This is how I dressedfor the festivities my children call sledding. I call the whole process pure torture. Three kids, three sleds, one Mommie is not a good combination. The kids did their fair share of sledding down the hill and I did more than my fair share of schlepping sleds up the hill. The joy of having triplets is lost in the sledding ratio. There were igloos to build

boulders to dig, and snow clumps to stack into towers. These kids LOVE playing in the snow.

While I froze my ass off and destroyed my back, Jeff leisurely waited in the van. Charlotte fell asleep on the way to the hill, so Jeff lovingly volunteered to let her nap while he listened to Frankie Vallie or some crap. Charlotte snoozed
and Jeff found time to read my latest copy of Maxim Magazine. I got a free subscription from Vista Print and I am learning all kinds of frat boy cool. This information comes in handy since i live with a 17 year old boy.

This is the pile of cold, wet clothes after Mommie and the children came back home.This is the reality of having four kids in Central Ohio. Nevermind what all this cold weather gear costs, try dealing with it when it is dripping all over the kitchen floor. GAH!

Our snowy Saturday was well spent. My children are fully exhausted. I am beyond ready for a hot bath, a cool cocktail and a tropical vacation. Someone better tell Jeff to get his Ying in gear and get a booking somewhere warm and sunny. My yang needs to sit on the beach.

And, to that anonymous poster who accused me of being a lazy parent for having an Au Pair, I dare you to spend the day dressing, sledding and undressing and cleaning up after four kids, because my doll Argenida is from Panama, she does not do snow.


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

LMAO! My first thought was that Argenida would look outside and say "I have already given my 45hours for this week THANK YOU very much!" I managed to avoid snow duty by sending them all out dressed to *help* daddy who was helping snow blow the road and neighbors.. I chose dusting and sweeping over freezing...

Michele S said...

If you are done with Argenida, can you send her out to Las Vegas. I would like someone to accuse me of being LAZY.

Argenida, honey, we don't have snow in Las Vegas. Come to Michele.

(Sounds like the anonymous commenter is JEALOUS.)

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