Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine's Day Gluten Free Raspberry Almond Cake

Yes, I was in Virginia Beach. That storm that shut down everything in Washington D.C. was just north of us, and while they did get flurries and a biting wind in Va. Beach, they did not get any accumulation of snow. The mountains of West Virginia did, and since we had to travel those roads to get home, we got delayed. We are digging out here in Columbus too.

I got the baking bug as soon as I got home. Nothing says Mommie is home like the aroma of butter and sugar baking in the oven. I was determined to bake a gluten free cake for the kids. I had bags of raspberries in the freezer from our many trips to the farm this past summer, so I decided to use them as a red decoration in my cake. Valentine's Day and red dye go hand in hand, and we are red dye free, so I must use natural color to decorate my baked goods. Raspberries are perfect.

I lined the heart pan with the berries

and poured the Betty Crocker gluten free mix as directed into the molded pan. I used a gluten free almond extract in place of vanilla so the flavor would be more pronounced. I had a hunch the cake would taste great and look magazine cover worthy, or just spectacular.

As I inverted the cake from the panit looked as if someone shot the cake and it was bleeding like a stuffed pig. It smelled awesome and tasted delicious but only one lousy squarebaked correctly, the rest of the squares were oozing and bleeding.

Next time I will add the red raspberries after the cake is baked so that it will be more visually appealing. Fortunately, when cut into pieces, my children did not notice that their cake was hemorrhaging. I made a glaze frosting from blended raspberries with cream cheeseand drizzled it over the cake to cover what looked like a murder scene on a dessert plate. No worries, the kids just gobbled it up.

My Valentine's Day, gluten free raspberry almond cake failure was really a success, just ask my kids!

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Michele S said...

OMG, I am jonesing for baked goods right now. I haven't had even a gluten free baked anything in WEEKS. I would take your Murder Cake ANY DAY.

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