Monday, February 15, 2010

A look at our Valentine's Day Celebration and the Aftermath of the Storm

We showered our friends with Valentines of all kinds. We made treats and cards, then hand delivered them. The kids are so into celebrating holidays now, they actually asked to wear red shirts and then dressed themselves.Who knew that all my Martha Jew-ess-ness would soak in- it only took four years!

Most folks make Rice Krispie treats because they are easy and cheap. My version is easy but far from inexpensive because I must buy a dedicated gluten free cereal, kosher marshmallows (so they can take them in their lunchbox to school) and I use real butter not the standard nasty margarine. The difference is astronomical, but so worth it. We shaped ours into hearts and added lolli-pop sticks. The ones with the red sprinkles are for gifts, the plain ones are keepers. The kids helped me put them into cellophane sleeves, twist tied the bottoms

and deliver them to our friends at Giant Eagle. They were a total hit.

We made Valentine pictures with markers, crayons and

random leftover stickers. My Mommie gut instinct was screaming at me but I ignored the inner shouting. I knew I should have put the markers away the minute we were done, but I was fixing dinner and forgot that the markers were left out. Oopsie.

The next morning when Daddy let me sleep late, he put the kids in the playroom (which is normally a safe zone) and started whipping up some of his gluten free banana pancakes. My man has caught the Martha Jew-ess-ness bug too, as he made them heart shaped and then sprayed hearts on top with the aerosol whipped cream.

The markers were too much to resist for the pack of wild artists. Eli gave Natalie some lipstick, gloves,

a manicure/pedicure and then redecorated the couch with some abstract designs. These were washable markers but the aftermath can still be seen on Natalie's moustache after two showers and many wipings. Jeff was supposed to be watching them, but this was totally my fault. I know to listen to the inner Mommie. Dammit.

As the snow started falling, and accumulating, we spent the next 36 hours post Valentine's day, and during President's day stuck inside. It became very clear that this storm was gonna stick, literally.

Here the photos that document the rest of the story, in chronological order. Please note the snow drifts getting higher and higher, Natalie's moustache becoming less noticeable, and of course, the craziness level

escalating to epic heights.

We knew before we went to bed that there would be a snow day on Tuesday. We did not anticipate that we would wake up to this:

So we are stuck inside. Stay tuned for more craziness tomorrow.

It is a good thing I got a pedicure last week, as if anyone is going to see my toes?


Aaryn said...

you just microwave marshmallow fluff and you won't need the butter....that's what i do :)

Aaryn said...

oh, and btw- i've been working on papers, i'll get in touch with you soon!!! have a question to ask you too....

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