Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Locks of Love

Natalie grew her hair out over the last four years. Her thick, curly hair has always been long. It was time to cut it, and we discussed the option of donating her long pony tails to Locks For Love.

Our children have been learning about mitzvot (pl: Mitzvot (mits-VOHT) Lit. commandment. Any of the 613 commandments that Jews are obligated to observe. It can also refer to any Jewish religious obligation, or more generally to any good deed.) and tzedekah (charity) and I wanted to let them experience something meaningful in the lesson. I thought Locks for Love as a charitible organization was a good fit for really doing something worthwhile, something that Natalie could, wrap her head around. (Sorry, I could not resist that one.)

We talked endlessly about the big decision to take a minimum of ten inches in length off the back of her current hair-do. Natalie was all for it and I was really excited at the opportunity to help children with medical hair loss. She understood the whole process and was kind of into it, she explained, verbatim, the whole schpiel to the boys.

Can you believe that we arrived at the salon right on time, and as we got out of the van I realized I FORGOT MY CAMERA. This was going to be the most blog worthy, scrapbooking highlight of the year, and yet I was without my handy dandy digital camera. DAMMIT.

Jeff suggested I use my i-phone, but for those of you who document milestones, you know as well as I do, that camera phones do not work for important events of this magnitude. I needed maximum resolution and primo pixels, this was no job for anything less than a digital camera. There was no way in hell I was going to capture this with a crappy camera phone.

Thankfully, Jane, the receptionist at the Salon, saw my complete disappointment and offered her camera to us. She is an angel. I was able to record the play by play for the history books. I just got the images from her today, and I have been waiting to post them since we left the shop on Saturday. This past SATURDAY! I could not even post any recent kid photos until now, because I wanted the big hair reveal to have its' own glory. A donation like this deserves a real blog post.

Our whole family is so incredibly proud of the gift that Natalie has selflessly given to another child.

My precious four year old daughter is now wearing her hair in a darling bob style with a stacked back and assymetrical length, with the longer parts in front. It is bouncy and has movement. She looks 25 until I stick the biggest bow I can find in her hair. I will use the bows to keep her looking like a four year old girl, rather than a young Victoria Beckham. Note to self, buy even bigger bows.

I would encourage anyone making a drastic hair change to consider this worthy organization. Lock for love, you too can wrap your head around it.


Aaryn said...

holy cow! omg! wow! adorable.....

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Seriously Aaryn, she looks 25.

loren said...

I'm not a mushy gushy person, but that made me cry! That is going to be a great memory for her to have as she grows up.

I would like to add that my friend only cuts her hair when it's long enough to donate. She is an angel, and I know there are a few people out there wearing their Hannah-hair right now ;) Wish mine would grow fast enough so it wasn't all split ends...

Andy said...

Grandma Andy is SO amazingly PROUD of my NAtalie. YOU have done a mitzvot so true, and honest. What a gift you are, and what a wonderful gift you have given to another person. Honey, I couldn't be prouder of you.
Lindsey has just cut of her hair for the second time, also for locks for love. I am ready to get mine cut off for Locks for Love for the second time as well.
Loads of love from Grandma Andy

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

AHHH! How wonderful! What a great memory for the books. She is so beautiful with long and short hair!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I still can't believe I made Loren cry....alert the TC media

loren said...

Ha! You can tell anyone you like, but I'll deny it ;)

Kerry said...

Both of my nieces have done this twice. It's such a wonderful experience for a young girl. I love the new bob!

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