Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm a Groupon Groupie

There is a new viral marketing firm that emails daily deals to their clients. I have been lucky enough to get on board and take advantage of their amazing offers. Groupons are deeply discounted certificates from restaurants and service industries. The are like coupons that apply to a group of people, offered by referral or social networking- like my blog, your facebook, or via good old fashioned e-mail.

Each city has their own daily deal, and there are some that apply nationwide because they are offered on line. You can sign up to get the daily e-mails and buy when it makes sense for you. Easy, breezy, right?

Today the groupon is for a lovely photo book that you create at home. The final product is then shipped to you or the recipient. This is a slam dunk winner for Mother's day or even work portfolios to show your stuff. You get a $60 credit towards the books for only $20, which is a 67% discount. The deals are only available for purchase for one day, but the certificates are usually good for a year. The concept relies on the customers to act based on urgency and let the deal snowball from there.

Here is my double top secret link that lets Groupon know I spread the word.

So take a look at today's offer, and if it makes good sense to you, snap it up. Then like me, you can refer your people to do the same.

Let me know if you score a photo book- I can't wait to make one for Nana and Papa's coffee table.

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