Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funky Mama can SING!

How many times have I given a shout out to my kids favorite female musician? I am usually "complaining" about the demands my children make when we are driving in the van, of course, their demands are to have Funky Mama playing loudly on CD. I actually hope they want to listen to Funky Mama because if I have to endure the whining of Caillou, the Latina Diva Dora or That Bossy Bunny, Ruby and that dope of a brother Max, on the in van DVD player, I might just need more medication. In other words, Funky Mama is a sound we can all agree on. While this may seem like a negative, reverse psychology review, it is not. My kids and I are FUNKY MAMA GROUPIES!

Those of you with a car or van full of youngins know, when the kids want their own music it means there is a chance they are going to be engaged, singing along and somewhat content while the vehicle is in motion. When this music is both appealing to the driver and the passenger that is an added Godsend.
Enter Funky Mama. The sound of Patsy Cline meets Melissa Ethridge with lyrics geared for the car seat set. I can rock out while driving, as if it were Bon Jovi, and no one has to know that I am singing with Funky Mama about playdates, banana foster, gimme sugar and other silly stuff. The sound I love, the lyrics my kids can relate to, it is a win-win on CD.

We have had FUNKY MAMA SING!
for a week and it already been played 157 times. Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating, it is been enjoyed 134 times. You get my point. My kids can't get enough of the Funky Mama stuff. Now, your kids can get the new CD courtesy of Funky Mama herself. Just leave a comment at the end of the this blog post and tell me what your favorite musical clip is- just click on the link to the Funky Mama website, and you can listen to short excerpts of the tracks. I will select a random winner next week and send the lucky reader their own copy of the CD.

Don't be shocked if you and yours have the sudden urge to don some ruby red sketchers, and cruise on down the highway, I'm just sayin.

Funky Mama can SING!

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triplet chicklets said...

Gimme Sugar- so cute, no corn syrup. Ha ha. LOVE IT

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