Friday, February 5, 2010

A Fine Flannel Friday Night

We are getting pounded with snow. Not just a little snow shower, a full on Friday night BLIZZARD. It is the perfect evening to stay home, snuggle and curl up on the couch in flannel pajamas.

These Nick and Nora Menswear style pajamas are my favorite. These are a winter duck scene and they are unisex enough that I grabbed four pairs when Target had them 75% off a few weeks ago. My kids spent a half an hour telling jokes,

giggling, hugging and hanging out before bed time. I captured these photos of them by just sitting on the floor waiting for them to give me the good stuff. They were in the zone tonight.

There is something magical about a big blast of snow. The trees look spectacular, the fireplace is crackling and then the allure starts to wear off, and fast. It is all fun and games until we lose our Direct Tv satellite connection (check) and the snow is too deep for Lenny to go outside, his legs are about 6" (check) and the driveway is so bad it requires a plow rather than a shovel (check). I decided to hurry up and update the blog before the dreaded DSL line goes caddywhampus.

It is official, we are snowed in for a while. So much for that Spring Fever I had a few nights ago at Dana's.

I will just enjoy the moment and find some Flannel pajamas of my own. Damn that groundhog.

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