Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chez Ami for Spring 2010- Ready or Not Here We Come!

This morning the groundhog saw his shadow- it means it will be months before we see Spring around here.

Not necessarily. You can see Spring 2010 right now, if you are looking at my trunks of Chez Ami samples.

The clothes are totally delicious- with colors like Neapolitan, Sherbet and Pistachio. I am paralyzed with indecision about what to order for my own kids so naturally, I spent a good portion of the day getting ready for my show, eyeing all the fabrics, colors and styles. I was daydreaming about what to order and what my kids could possibly wear during our next family photo session with Jennifer Mullinax. With these clothes and her talent, my kids look like professional models.

How can you not be warm weather inspired when you are fondling seersucker, swimwear and eyelets?

You know how I love the pink and green, the monograms and the matchy matchy.

For those of us with the scrapbooking bug, can you imagine the possibilites with the right photograph taken at the perfect spot with your cuties, in these clothes. OMG. It is beyond orgasmic.

My friend Dana hosted Chez Ami Spring 2010 her home so it was like a Mom's night outwith nibbles, treats, wine and spring shopping. My digital photos of the clothes on display do not do them justice,

but I wanted you to see how fun it is to shop at a Chez Ami trunk show in someone's home. IT IS PERFECT.

Take a look at the Spring catalog on line at www.chezami.com and if you are as giddy with excitement as I am, I dare you to look and not buy. I TRIPLE (plus one?) dog dare you. Just be sure to enter my name as the sales rep so I can personally thank you and then we'll post pics of your darlings right here on the blog. It will be so fun.

C'mon spring weather. Chez Ami and ME, we are ready when you are!


Jennifer Mullinax said...

aaawww beautiful!! I still want to shoot their next catalog...how much fun would that be!!

Aaryn said...

Jennifer- please come to NY and do a photo shoot so I can have some awesome pics; Helene you'll come here and visit :) Seeing your pics around the Slutsky household makes me a tad bit envious....I want pics too.....
-the former nanny

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

aaryn- I am going to BEG Jennifer and BRIBE Jennifer to come for a long weekend here in Columbus- she can do mini sessions with everyone I know. There are enough triplet moms, plus friends to keep her busy for days.

I am already dreaming about which outfits, and I selected a spot at the Franklin Park Conservatory- the grounds are spectacular in the Spring.

Aaryn said...

well then you better make sure I can come that weekend :)

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