Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Daze

We have been partially cooped up in the house because of severe cold temperatures here in Central Ohio. The forecast looks grim. Very grim. This is a blog post dedicated to showing the world that I can survive for days on end inside the house with four kids. I prefer not to stay home but in a pinch, It. CAN. BE. DONE!

Here is a sample of the things I have been doing to keep the kids busy, and out of my hair. This little project was created on a whim as I tried to get 10 minutes to prep dinner. I brought out the big frozen bagof mixed vegetables. I had the kids sort the veggies into containers. They did this for half an hour

and would have done it longer if I had let them. Total cost of entertainment: FREE

We have been taking lots of hot, steamy, hour long showers. I bought some turkey basters in the 90% Thanksgiving pile at Giant Eagle, and combined with some scotch brite sponges and a can of shaving cream- we are in business. I actually read a magazine yesteray while all four kids played in a 4 foot area within the shower. Crazy talk. Entertainment cost per hour: About $2 for the shaving cream and maybe $3 in utilities. FOR AN HOUR. Uninterrupted. Peace. Quiet. The added bonus is the clean and fresh smelling kids when it is finished.

When it comes to keeping them quiet and occupied nothing works better than frozen yogurt. These yogurt sticks are gluten free, dye free, and do not have the bovine growth hormones. When I freeze them they become like contained popsicles and it takes a long time to eat them. My four happily sat inside the bookshelf

and devoured their solid yogurt sticks. Total cost of entertainment: about 33 cents each.

As the snow is starting to fall again, I am gathering up all of our winter weather snow gear. I am hunting down mittens, scarves, snow pants, hats and boots so we will be ready. The winter wonderland is an added free source of entertainment around here at this time of year.

I am off to Giant Eagle and Trader Joe's to get us ready for the worst. This is my double secret, reverse psychology move to make sure the blizzard by passes us. If I am fully stocked with groceries and supplies, we won't get pounded with snow. It is the same logic that happens when you want it to rain- you just get your car washed and sure enough, the next day, raining buckets.

My winter days are getting longer and longer folks, I am officially in a winter daze!

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