Friday, January 1, 2010

2010- The Rose Bowl & Toilet Bowl, Enjoying Our Two Big WINS!

I am pleased to report that things have taken a turn for the better with regard to the two bowl games on this New Years Day 2010. Here at the Slutskys, New Years Day 2010, we are cheering on the memorable Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and the not so famous, Toilet Bowl in New Albany.

Our little Buckeyes were up early and we interrogated them about the leaky, stopped up toilet in our bathroom. CJ confessed that he had indeed flushed some toys down there, "to see where day went!" This explained the water oozing from the kitchen ceiling and helped Jeff realize we needed way more than a plunger and some liquid plumber.

Thankfully, our favorite handyman and contractor was scheduled to come over and stain the newly installed french doors, so I asked him to see if I needed to call a professional (rate raping) plumber. Our hero donned some rubber gloves, removed the toilet from the bathroom himself,

and did the dirty work by putting the actual toilet it in my shower
to drain it and investigate. Fortunately, he had become our good friend because this was one job that stunk, literally. I was dry heaving as I took these digital photos for the blog. It was beyond disgusting.

After snaking the whole commode and turbo flushing out our pipes, he went to the truck to get some 14 inch pliers. Here is the culprit clogging, plastic scooper that CJ flushed.Since our talented contractor is also a gentleman, he only billed us for an hours worth of his regular time, and a serving of my Rose Bowl Crock Pot Chili. This was a total victory for us.

The whole incident has truly scarred me and I am seriously thinking of remodeling the bathroom. I can't get past relating the GAWD awful stench with the combined vision of the toilet sitting on the floor of my shower. It was draining sewage and nasty clogged crap on to the place where I will stand with bare feet. I think this goes way beyond spraying tilex and rinsing with bleach. I am thinking of tile, in beige. I will keep the receipts and collect the cost from CJ, someday, when he is a famous scientist.

The pre-game show in my kitchen featured our own four Ohio State Buckeyes doing some funky dancing, and very loud singing, accompanied by their Jack Russell Terrier Barking Band. O-H-I-O!

This was followed by the aforementioned chili, a shower and an early bedtime so the rest of us could actually watch and HEAR the game on television.

After the victory over Oregon we celebrated the second BIG WIN of the day.

Go Buckeyes, Go Potty, Happy 2010. I hope next year we only go to ONE bowl game, and that will be a BCS game.

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Anonymous said...

The apple does not fall far from the tree.... CJ is only doing what his mommie did wheh she was about the same age. Except it was a metal baby juice container turned so that when the flush was done it would float to the top of the inside chamber of the toilet and not let 90% of whatever through. I had to remove the toilet from the floor and turn it upside down to get the can out.


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