Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rice Krispie Houses

Being the stalker of the 90% off rack at Giant Eagle has some nice perks. I scored a few boxes of pure crap- also known as the Rice Krispie Treat houses leftover from Christmas. Since CJ can't eat the traditional gingerbread houses, I decided to use the molds that come inside these kits to let the kids get fancy with decorating and crafting an edible project.

I used about half of the stuff provvided and substituted my personal versions- I used a gluten free, preservative free rice cereal, melted some gelatin free marshmallows, and removed almost all the candy that contained red dye, (CJ's cups had only blue, yellow, green and white candies) and I improvised the gumdrops with some that were all natural with vegetable dyes. I am not totally opposed to letting my kids eat garbage, I just try to limit the quantity by getting creative. The key to a happy middle ground is moderation. Clearly my children do not get to eat this disgusting kind of goo everyday. Now that they have dabbled in it, the mystery is gone and all the forbidden fruit syndrome is washed away. WHEW!

They had a blast and made their rice krispie homes for about an hour.

The finished product was cut into small wedges and consumed, and the remainder of the project was saved for an after school anack for tomorrow.

See kids, I did let you have fun, make a mess and eat terrible foods when you were four years old. See. It was not always organic, dye free, gluten free, and boring. You were not deprived of the sugar, dyes, preservativea and corn syrup 24/7/365 because on this day, I allowed you to be a typical American child. You can thank me someday.

Oh the fun we have here at the Slutskys. At 90% off after the holidays, these are some houses I could not resist. I am like a snack slum lord over here.

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