Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Queen in the Kingdom

I find it rather fitting that my children LOVE to go to the new indoor inflatable play place, Kingdom of Bounce. I am the Queen and it feels right to allow my kids to enjoy themselves in a Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Bounce is a mecca for all things that are remotely related to kiddie birthday parties. You would not want to be caught dead in there on school holidays or weekends when it is jam packed with snotty, sweaty and sassy children, but during the week it is civilized enough for this Queen and her Royal Subjects.

On weeknights during the school year Kingdom of Bounce offers pizza and bounce at a reduced price. The Real Housewives of Franklin County held their Mommie Meeting there tonight.RS, the one with the perfect hair and I were the only card carrying members there, but we represented well in our traditional all black or black with jeans ensemble. We rocked Kingdom of Bounce with our designer mini-vans and Venti Lattes from Starbucks.

Our kids had a blast. It was nice to let them expel every ounce of energy at dinner time.

During this cold winter month it is nice to have a venue for physical exhaustion.

This is Natalie with her wanna-be boyfriend, Jacob.She is madly in LOVE with him and like all Jewish boys, being persued by Nice Jewish Girls, he could care less. They make such a darling couple, and I have been encouraging this friendship for years.

So if you are in the Columbus area with a boat load of children, be sure to let them burn off their energy at Kingdom of Bounce. Bring your own latte and laptop and you might just survive it.

Here ye Hear ye, it is official, The Kingdom of Bounce is fit for a Queen!

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