Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Little Andy Warhol

After Amanda lovingly(?) straightened CJ's curly hair with her flat iron, we were left with a child that vaguely looked familiar.

CJ is famous for his curly hair so seeing him with frizzy, somewhat straight hair was odd. His hair was meant to be all curly and cute.

Mitchell thought he looked like a crack addict. Jeff said he resembled Andy Warhol, which while true was not as funny as hearing CJ say, "Mitchell finks I wook wike a quack attic." Of course, CJ did not know or care why Daddy kept saying Andy Warhol, but it was pretty hilarious to hear CJ say, "It is just me guys. Amanda did my hair in da basement."

Jeff asked me to take a photo of CJ holding a Campbell's soup can
to help illustrate the whole Warhol thing. We have been married for over 7 years, and Jeff actually thought my pantry would have such a thing? Clearly he does not know that Campbell's condensed soups are evil, vile and full of crap. I swear to you, if anyone ever gave me a recipe that called for Cream of Mushroom soup or the like, I would be repulsed. Most of the 90 varieties of Campbell's canned soups contain, high levels of sodium and MSG. Their famous cream of tomato soup has high fructose corn syrup in it. Andy Warhol or not, the stuff is full of ingredients I would not eat or feed my family. Soup is good food but when you read labels you can't possibly think that it is a healthy choice.

So my little Andy Warhol look-alike will never know the reference to the canned soup thing. I am fine with it. I am just patiently waiting for tomorrow morning, when my curly top boy returns to normal after his hot shower. Until then, Jeff has some splainin to do. Cambell's soup? Really? OMG. I think that is almost as bad as thinking CJ looked like a crack addict.

My family needs serious help.

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