Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh! What! Fun!

The kids got sleds from Nana and Papa this year at Hanukkah. Jeff was all bent about it at first, he was whining and complaining about all the stuff in our garage, the sleds, the Hummer, the tricycles, the gear, blah, blah, blah. Today, the kids spent hours outside entertaining themselves with the sleds and a bunch of snow.

After four winters they finally LOVE playing outside in the snow. Our first season they were in the NICU or just released, and the following year I spent an hour dressing them for the elements so we could get one lousy winter wonderland photo.They lasted all of about thirty seconds before screaming.

My how times have changed.They bundled up, wore hats, gloves, ski pants, coats, and boots

and stayed outside all afternoon. There were snow angels,

forts, and snow castles to make. There was plenty of creative play in the powder.

Even our Jack Russell, Lenny got in on the action.

He chased the kids, tromped through the drifts and created yellow snow along the perimeter of our property. Good boy.

These are the new sleds. They are a rigid hard shell plastic and they are molded for a tiny toddler tush and legs.

The kids took turns pushing abd pulling up and down the driveway. They even helped Argenida enjoy the snow.

Of course all 75lbs of her fit perfectly in the child size sleds.

After a few turns down the driveway in the sleds, Eli had the all time best quote of the day.To the tune of Jingle Bells he sang, "Oh what fun it is to ride, in a one kid plastic sleigh!"

We are expecting another 4-6 inches of snow overnight, depending on which weather forecast you believe. I am a wake up and see kind of gal, but my hunch is that there will be no classes at Temple Beth Chanel. It looks like this Mommie will be planning a field trip to the big, long, sledding hill in New Albany. Have a thermal coffee mug, will travel.

Oh. What.Fun.


Anonymous said...
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Aaryn said...

you have a great driveway for sledding!

Anonymous said...

Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

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