Sunday, January 10, 2010

No DSL- No Life

One of the worst things happened on Friday- our DSL line went out. No internet service is a deal breaker when you have an on line business at home. Not to mention a blog. Geez folks, no DSL = no life

I actually got AT&T to make a service call on Sunday. They guaranteed me and appointment between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and fortunately the contractor showed up around noon. The problem was all my fault. Apparently when we legitimately had a service outage on Friday the customer service people had me do some troubleshooting here at the monitor and modem, I reset everything, unplugged all the cords and in the process of re-connecting the cords, I put one of phone jack thingys in backwards. OOOOPSIE. The technician was really sweet and I think he felt my embarrassment because the invoice was completed at no charge. WHEW!

We are up and running again.

I have officially set up shop at home and my office is about 80% organized and unpacked. My computers are connected, printers full of ink, and my merchandise is categorized on the racks. I am good to go in the way of producing revenue again.

The weekend went by so quickly and I am anxious for the kids to be in school a good portion of the day tomorrow. I hope to finish my office and enjoy a nice latte in my new digs.

I have my DSL line and I have a life. Good times, Good Times.

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Aaryn said...

when do we get to see pics of your new place?

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