Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Dancing Fools

I have posted short dance videos before. My dance party action is tough to beat on a dreary day. It is amazing how entertaining an XM Radio channel, a few costumes and four preschoolers can be.

It ia all about the right beat. Calliente, check. Fuego, check. Salsa, check. Hurabno sounds, check. If there is a Latin sounding music channel, my kids know it. Here is the sight and sound of an average dance show in my family room. Aye Carrumba!

at the request of my family, the video has been removed

Thank goodness they were not listening to Tina Turner's Private Dancer, that would have made this little dance seem wrong. But, OMG, I just watched this video and realized Charlotte is naked. Holy Crap, she is so going to have this clip on her Bat Mitzvah video, that will be pure justice. Should I be scared that my girls dance (semi-clothed) or is this still just cute? Either way, I am in soooo much trouble.

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