Friday, January 15, 2010

My Bargain Bragging Rights

I have scored BIG TIME at the Target winter clearance sale. Remember last year when I went to about 4 different Target locations while I was in Kansas City? I hauled out of there with twenty some pairs of kids' shoes and boots. I was so dumb and naive back then- I did not know that during this same clearance sale the toys are also 75% off and are assembled into rows for the big event. DUH. Now I know.

I learned from my fellow triplets plus one mom, Michele, that the toy sale is a MUST. We are so much alike in that we both stock pile various items in our gift closets. You see, when you give birth to a preschool, your children get invited to a gob of birthday parties year round. Since our TRIPLET birthday suggests that the guests bring a gift for each child, I feel somewhat obligated to shower our friends with toys of a higher perceived value or three gifts from our three. It is like, moms of multiples etiquette 101. Of course this gets brutally expensive and time consuming since we seem to average a few parties a month. This whole gift closet thing, prevents me from paying full retail and having to rush out to buy gifts on a weekly basis. Think about paying full price from some shitty $30 toys a few times a month- it gets ridiculous! My gift closet is now fully stocked for whatever comes our way. (If you read my blog and we have children in common- like in the same class, cousins, neighbors, whatever...just skip the following parts where I show off the toys and the rock bottom low prices. I don't want to seem cheap or thoughtless when you see your child's gift in the pile.) Obviously, I can't afford to buy all our friends these kind of splurges, unless, I take advantage of the sales- I do not want to offend anyone, this is just the way I roll. Friends do not let friends pay retail, folks!

I titled this post accordingly- so let's start with my free, Tall, Starbucks coffee from the miniture Starbucks inside the Target. I bought some one pound bags of ground Serena blend at Giant Eagle when they had them BOGO and I had coupons, thus taking them home for practically nothing. I got the unpacked on my kitchen counter and saw that when you take the empty coffee bag to a local Starbucks,

they will give you a Tall brewed coffee for FREE. I hung on to the bag until this morning when I needed to be fully caffeinated for the big hoorah Target sale. With my brewed coffee in hand I tackled the beast. Outta my way people, this crazy bee-och needs room for two shopping carts!

I walked by the clearance shoes first. I picked up a ton of boys shoes for $3.43 a pair.This is significant because typically they have a great selection of girls shoes and very few if any boys styles. I bought them in varioous sizes ahead and I am sure Eli and CJ will wear these sooner rather than later.

I hit the 75% toy area ready to do battle with all the other frugal Mommies. I filled my cart with toys that had educational or creative play value. I selected things in all age groups so that no matter what I need, I am prepared. Some toys are definitely ear-marked for certain children, like the twin babies for Li'elle,

and the harmonicas and recorders for Lillian and Samuel. Any toys that make an insane amount of musical sound, are kindly given to my sister's kiddos. They love to create musical productions with guitars and other instruments, and Samuel can continue to "ROCK ON!" My own kids will gladly join the cousins to put on shows at Aunt Shell's, then we LEAVE! Genius, eh? As Elvis would say, "Thank You, Thank You Very Much!"

I even grabbed some fun board games for Amanda's dorm.Nothing says college drunkeness like playing Charades, or Yahtzee late at night after too many brews.

It was difficult to see the entire stock of 75% off toy merchandise because there were so many Orthodox women shopping too. They all had their 3-4 under five with them, some in those infant seating HUMONGOUS double wide carts, some toddlers roaming the aisles and pulling toys off the shelves. All this was making it increasingly difficult to shop. I had to figure out a way to nicely secure my shopping turf. I mentioned and showed a few of the Mothers the deals from the shoe department, and presto, badda boom, badda bing, they vacated the toys, bee-lined for the shoes, and made room for me. I had to think like a Street Fighter. I waved buh-bye and said Shabbat Shalom as I plucked a few pieces of low hanging fruit from the board games and Parents Magazine Approved Toy area. SCORE!

To be sure I did not miss anything, I cruised back through the clothing area and stumbled upon these solid colored turtlenecks fcr $1.24 a pop.These are the perfect unisex layering piece for my four munchkins. How could I pass these up? I would venture a guess that my monkeys will wear these for two seasons, then when it comes time to re-sell them at the Columbus Mothers of Twins Sale, I will price them at $1.50 each and smile all the way to the bank. These embroidered short sleeve polos were just waiting there on the rack for my boys.At $1.98 each they jumped on to the top of the second overflowing cart and got wedged into the sides. Can you tell how jazzed I am- this is a euphoric high, it is not just the free, Tall Coffee talking.

I happened to spy some of these fleece footed pajamas on an end cap. These are normally worn by infants but for some odd reason my chidlren LOVE these.Of course since most people buy the size 0-24 months range of sizes, so Target had a fine selection of the two pair packs in size 5T. Typically kids that are potty trained would not want to hassle with the zipper but since my darlings have been Houdini escaping out of their jammies since about 16 months, this is not a big deal for them. They all know how to unzip, pee, and re-zip. I knew my goofballs would go nuts for them and at $4.97 for two pairs, I will let them wear them until their toes pop out of the front foot area. The best part of the this style of sleepwear is the one-piece styling. One piece means no pairing tops and bottoms to make a match, there is only ONE PIECE OF LAUNDRY per night, per child. CHA-CHING!

As I hit the checkout lane before 10:00 a.m. I was able to breeze through without any delay. The checkers were totally waiting for the rush of business. I finished sipping my Pikes Place Roast as the items were scanned. Once the stuff was bagged up it took two gigantic Target carts to get out of there. The clerk was so nice that she offered to pull my carts up front, as I went to get the van. She helped me load all the deals into the back cargo space of the van.This is what it looked like before I shoved all the stuff away from the automatic door, and hoped the door would latch shut. BINGO! I just had to remember to back into my driveway so that the incline would work in my favor, and the loot would not come crashing out of the back into the piles of brown slush. This is a Cental Ohio problem. I seriously doubt Michele has this issue in Las Vegas, her biggest obstacle is getting the goods into the house without Greg getting all peanut gallery on her ass.

I am now simply giddy and high. I spent a fraction of what it normally costs to outfit my kids with shoes, clothes and to supply our friends with birthday giftage and toys. So I am setting up shop in my new home office.

I can toss a tarp over the toy department inside my office and then lock the door with the dead bolt.

C'mon, you know you want to hit a few Targets today. If you live nearby, Call me first, I am still game. Have mini van will travel. Bargain bragging- GAME-ON!


Michele S said...

OMG, I am cracking up. I got practically the same stuff you did. I even got the same collared boy shirts you did.

I literally had to wait until Greg left, then I made the kids go stand in the backyard so I could sneak everything in the house. I told them if they peaked I was giving it all away.

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

Awesome! I just hit Old Navy. 50% off all clearance prices. Grabbed a heavy winter jacket originally 59.50 for 7.50! Grabbed Cords and Pants for my boys as low at 1.97.. also chuckeling to myself that I can easily sell these twice the paid price at Canton Mothers of Multiples Sale!

Anonymous said...

Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Anonymous said...
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Tanna's Triplets said...

HAHA, I got a lot of the same items you got including the PJ's. I love Target in Jan and July. It's my fav time of the year!!!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Us multiple mamas got to stick together. When I see these clothes at the Twins Sale, I crack up too, I wonder, did the mom grab these at the 75% sale also?

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