Thursday, January 14, 2010

Loose Ends

I struggled with a title for this post, and loose ends seemed to be the best I could do. This week brought closure to many things including my 2009 surgeries.

I met with my super eye doc and discovered that the sensitivity I have to light is a post-op related issue. The dry indoor heat and white blinding snow outside is just complicating the light sensitivity anyway. I have some new eye drops that help and in time, this will fade. We discovered that when my cornea intact rings were implanted, my vision changed for the better, I consider this a side effect with benefits. Once my corneas were properly shaped by the surgery, my ability to get a focal point corrected some of my vision. Prior to the procedure, my vision was 20/2400 and was corrected with contact lenses to 20/100. This was the best I could get from contacts and my corrected sight was no where near decent. Now, without the help of glasses or contacts I am seeing 20/40 with naked eyes, which is a HUGE improvement. This is one loose end I am happy to have fixed.

My surgical scar from the tummy tuck/hysterectomy healed nicely but my belly button was a bit funky. The skin on my newer belly button actually fused closed and I was left with a weird looking innie with a flap of skin that was sealed on top. Dr. Aziz wanted nothing less than perfection, so yesterday he revised the area with a surgical procedure to correct the look. He used a cocktail of pills plus local lidocaine at the sight, so I did not feel a thing, and I was pleasantly out of it until this morning. I have a few stitches in the new and improved belly button and a few corrections to the old scar above my lady parts. He wanted my scar to look better, not that anyone is going to see it, but in case, on the slim chance, that I want to wear a bikini someday. This was a loose end that got really loose yesterday but is now all tied up with stitches, literally.

Now, on to additional ends- Taxes! We must organize and prepare to file our 2009 taxes this week. Most people can procrastinate until April 15th but since we are self employed and have college financials (Amanda) to submit, the sooner the better. We will need some assistance in paying kindergarten tuition TIMES THREE so when asking for a partial scholarship, the school needs to see just how sad the situation really is. and ours is pretty pitiful. I am scouring my files to get all the documentation together for Jeff and Uncle Silvan. With my new desk partially set up, this is quite a challenge. This is a loose end that is a pain in my tight end.

Finally, I am calendaring the remainder of the 2010 year for scheduling purposes. Jeff has travel, seminars, and consulting projects to coordinate and I have 6 kids plus Argenida and her college classes to consider. Combined this means I am juggling 4 different school events, sports, appointments and other must attend engagements. I have to make sure everything is documented for proper child care coverage, transportation, and availability. This is the highlight of parenting- the ultimate multi-tasking. I have to factor margin of overlapping, error and last minute changes and cancellations. These are loose ends that start out tied, and become loose and pesky until the shuffle happens, and they are tied up again.

So when I go days without updating the blog, then I retroactively get caught up you can appreciate the delay. There are too many loose ends and not enough time for me to tie everything together.

Right now I am all tied up. Let's see how long this lasts.


Mama+4Chicklets said...

This is my first time posting to your blog. Thanks for the inspiration. I have twins with one 16 months older and a kindergartener. They are 1,2, and 5. Your blog makes it look easy. My girls are all at home with me and only my son is at school. How do you manage with three at home?

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I barely manage. I do the absolute minimum it takes to get by- somedays I pray I get from meal to meal to bedtime without going completely INSANE.

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