Monday, January 4, 2010

Little Mitchell

Jeff and I have observed striking similarities between Mitchell and Eli. This blog post really begins way back when we brought Eli home from the NICU in one of those hospital blankets. We could not help but compare the baby Eli with his older brother Mitchell, who had his first professional portrait taken in a identical looking blanket.These photos still give us the flashbacks to that day when we realized what was ahead of us in parenting. Whoa, this was really scary in so many ways.

I found this precious photo magnet in a drawer yesterday. I turned it over to see that it is, in fact, Mitchell from 1996.

This confirms that he was about four years old in this keepsake memento or the exact same age that Eli is now. They are both four here. See another freakish resemblance?

How is it that the common "cute" gene in both boys is Jeff. Seriously? My husband has some damn fine, strong, dominant traits to produce such darling boys? You would think that Jodi and I would get some say in the matter, but when it comes to Eli and Mitchell they are just clone brothers, born about 13 years apart, just the curse of goog looking luck, from the same Daddy, I guess.

I showed this magnet card to Eli and I asked him, "Who is this boy?" Of course, he did not even bat an eye, and said, "Mommie, you are so silly, that is me, Eli, E-L-I."

I turned over Mitchell's magnet, showed Eli the name and date on the back and corrected him. Before I could elaborate, Eli said, Oh Mommie, we just look the same because we are twins, he is the Big Mitchell and I am little Mitchell.

True. True.

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