Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kindergarten Kids

I am practically crying into my keyboard over here. My triplets may be going to kindergarten in the fall. THEY. MAY. BE. READY. FOR. KINDERGARTEN. Gahhhhh! How did this happen?

My public school district uses August as the cut off date, so enrolling the triplets in public school is not an option for the Fall of 2010. They simply will not take them. This means if I do not find a private kindergarten classroom, my kids will have to do another year of preschool.

The Columbus Hebrew Academy uses September 30 as the cut off date for Kindergarten. My kids have an October 2nd birthday and technically miss the date by a few days. Since they have been in a formal preschool environment for the past 3 years, they are socially ready for real school and I think they are mature enough for kindergarten. So long as they all test postively ready for Kindergarten the director of the program will make an exception for their birthdate.

They attended a kindergarten round up at the Columbus Hebrew Academy and LOVED IT. I hope that they do well at the formal assessment later this month and that the admissions staff recognizes their need for a more academic education. I want them to get in and thrive. I want them to enjoy the learning process there.

I am not super Jew at all, so sending my kids to a Hebrew based school may seem odd. This amazing institution offers both the secular education as well as the religious. They are a nurturing and enrichment based program with an emphasis on culture and Jewish traditions. I would be proud to have them go to CHANEL School. Columbus Hebrew Academy with Nurturing, Enrichment, Learning. My ideal spot for my three kindergarten kids would be the CHANEL School. Could it be any more obvious?

So now we wait. We hope and pray that there will be three openings in the Kindergarten class for Fall of 2010, and we hope that when tested, all three will be offered a spot. Once you get a taste of Chanel, you can't go for less, I would know. I have been bitten by the Chanel bug. I guess the same is true for CHANEL school. Sometimes, only the best will do.


Michele S said...

Good luck, Helene. My girlfriend has trips born in October and they would have been so ready for school this year too. I feel bad for hers because they are now in their third year of preschool. Yikes.

Anonymous said...
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