Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hair Scare

CJ has these curls I adore. I was scared to have him get a haircut for fear that once the ringlets were snipped, they would not grow back as tight and kinky. I have put off getting his hairs did for too long.

Just look at this head of hair.

He is practically famous for these spirals and he still wants people to call him Dr. Curly Hair, like his ENT friend in Cleveland.

Since Eli needed a haircut to maintain his smooth, straight style, I decided to bite the bullet and let CJ come along to the barber shop.

I was paralyzed with fear the entire time he was in the chair. I am pleased to report that he kept the curls. Curly James Slutsky is aptly named and is now sporting a more sleek version of his former hairstyle.

My hair scare was for nothing, this kid will be a curly top forever.

Have you ever seen two boys that LOVE going to the barber as much as mine?
I swear they are high maintenance metrosexuals because they are part of a mixed gender set. They get all of Natalie's beauty regimens because they want them. If they never get pedicures and highlights it will be too soon. I can't even afford to get myself some highlights and a mani-pedi, so can you imagine what would happen if all of a sudden I had to do that TIMES THREE! I am freaking myself out now. It is bad enough that the boy haircuts cost $15 a piece with the tip.

Forget the hair scare, I am now fretting about the spa situation. I believe that I might be getting grey hairs worrying about my kids' hair- this can't be good.

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