Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Date Night on a Dime

Let's face it, when it comes to dining out with my husband, the nights alone are few and far between. This is primarily because we lack the funds to blow a hundred bucks on ourselves. Every so often a deal will present itself, and we are able to take advantage of the savings and each others company. Enter the concept of Date Night on a Dime.

Last night was one of those nights. It is officially, Restaurant Week in Columbus. Restaurant Week gives us the opportunity to enjoy the very best restaurants Columbus has to offer at irresistible price points. From $15 - $35 per person, these unique three course menus are designed to tempt your taste buds at unheard of prices.

Reservations are highly recommended as many restaurants will quickly book up. This is a great week to experience places you've been meaning to try. Plus, you'll be supporting the local restaurant industry and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank which will receive a $5,000 donation on behalf of participating restaurants and (614) Magazine.

It was really nice to sit and linger at the dinner table at Cameron Mitchell's "M" in the Miranova building. It was a swank

and lovely scene made even cozier since it was a date night. We declared that this was our own personal New Years Eve Celebration since we chose to stay home and pocket the cash 3 weeks ago. To save some serious bank, we skipped cocktails and wine at M, and stuck with the pre-fix Restaurant menu. The food was simply sublime. It was so beautifully presented and tasty that I totally forgot to take photos. Picture this: I was too busy snarfing it down to photograph the food served as art or maybe it was art in the form of food? Regardless, I was too busy shoving gourmet bites into my pie hole to whip out my digital and ruin my moment. I am truly sorry. Forgive me.

Back in December Jeff bought his staff Cameron Mitchell Gift Cards when they were offering a special promotion. A ton of restaurants offer incentives to buy gift cards in December and the Cameron Mitchell offer included a $25 bonus card when we bought $100 worth. We gave out the other gifts and pocketed the bonus cards for ourselves. Last night we were able to redeem the bonuses toward our delicious date night at the M. Woooo Hoooo.

Even more exciting than dining on a dime is that Jeff's "other" best friend, Steve Rizzo is visiting us starting tomorrow. I would hate to jinx myself on my blog, or worse yet, out loud, but we might end up with back to back date nights. Oh, the insanity of it. Stop the madness, I can't eat another bite, not even a wafer thin mint.

Don't worry, I will take you with us, and I will force myself to have marvelous time. Stay tuned, dining on a dime continues tomorrow, I hope. Hmmmmm, where should we go, in the spirit of celebrating Restaurant week, of course!

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