Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caffeine and Cages

I am surviving the cold winter days. I am getting by day to day. This cold, wet weather is awful when you have four kids that NEED to go somewhere every day.

I am back to basics over here. I am falling into the trap of doing what it takes in survival mode. This means caffeine for me, and cages, tubes, slides and tunnels for my kids. I dare you to walk in my shoes, I double dog dare you to judge me.

For about a buck and a half,I can get fully Mc Cafe jolted while the children exhaust themselves playing indoors.

Yes, we are back to frequently being found at the Westerville, McDonalds.

I am half curious if any of my kids will become strippers? We already know they can wrangle themselves out of pajamas in 20 seconds, even the one=piece, footed jammies, zipped up backwards with the zipper in back. Aside from being able to shed their clothes quickly, my crew knows how to work the pole.

This could end up being valuable in terms of jobs skills, in case 3 years of preschool, Chanel preschool and good genes seem to fail them.

So if you wonder why the blog posts are getting delayed, I think the answer is obvious. I have NOTHING to report. I am just sucking down anything with gobs of caffeine, and I am supervising my caged animals. Anyone in Southern Florida or Arizona wanna do Mommie Swap? You know I can handle your kids action! I promise your darlings will learn valueable life lessons, like pole dancing. BRING IT ON!

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