Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Parenting Hurts My Head

As a concerned parent I am always learning about new ways to motivate, educate and enrich the lives of my children. I am also keenly aware that the choices I make directly affect my kids and their future. Since this blog is my legacy, I feel obligated to share every story that touches me, all the photo images that crack me up, and even the not so glorious situations that arise in my family as well as in the media.

In addition to learning new parenting techniques, I am constantly picking up where other parents have left off, good, bad and in between. I read and reviewed Larry Winget's parenting bible, Your Kids Are Your Own Fault and I see the big picture. I am not perfect but I feel confident that I am on the right path to raising responsible, solid citizens. I want to be proud of my accomplishments and I consider my family the top priority. I feel like parenting my kids is my full time job and I am at work 24/7/365.

In addition to listening to what Larry Winget has to say, I take advice from people who I respect in the parenting world. As a mom of multiples, I depend on the pioneers who are ahead of me in the journey. What works for singletons does not apply to the herd mentality of multiples, so it is crucial to watch what works for the multiple moms and it apply it accordingly. I do this with Michele S, and Jennifer Mullinax both who have triplets plus one 18 months or so younger. These are my mentors because they KNOW what I am dealing with on a personal level. While I may not agree with everything they say or do, I can learn and form my own opinion.

I hope that my blog can be just as helpful to other new multiple Mommies in their journey to raising responsible adults. You can see my version of how to "gitter-done" and adapt it to fit your style. I am an acquired taste for sure.

Imagine my shock and horror when Larry posted a facebook status update about Lynn Geter,the mom in Georgia who forced her son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer. She did this as punishment for bringing home bad grades. This is a prime example of bad parenting. I can't quit thinking about this, ever since I read it, I have been a little sick to my stomach. My head is hurting for that family.

How is it possible that this woman thought the punishment fit the crime? Did she even consider the innocent hamster in this scenario? I just can't grasp how committing an act of violence and animal cruelty would help the boy improve his grades? This boy is about two steps from becoming a serial killer, in my opinion.

As a Mommie Blogger I post on a variety of subjects, topics and parenting issues. My goal is to provide a thought provoking journal of my childrens' life from my perspective. Some days are cute stories and funny photographs, some days are links to my other Momma bloggers and other days are like today when I can't stop thinking about the boy in Georgia.

Bad parenting is easy to spot, it is the really awesome parenting that is more difficult to do and recognize, and I am trying.

See kids, I did try to learn the best possible ways to motivate you. I never made you harm Lenny to teach you a lesson. I used a make shift tot clock to help you understand the art of telling time. I schlepped you to museums, parks, and libraries so you would be well rounded. I did my best under the most stressful of circumstances. Even when I was sleep deprived and cranky I loved you enough to keep educating myself on your behalf. Thanks, Love, Mommie.

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loren said...

Hahahaha... that emo thing IS spam. I got it, too, and was hesitant to click on it to find out.

Anywho... that mom/hamster thing is SICK. I can't imagine doing that to a living thing myself, let alone make my CHILD do that to a living thing that he loved. Grades are important, but whoa.

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