Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amanda is Awesome

Since this is the Slutsky family blog I want to give credit where credit is due. Jest because Amanda is away at college does not mean she is any less a part of this crazy family, so when there is something to shout out about, I will shout.

Last week Jeff got his usual share of junk in the mail. One envelope looked to be the typical solicitation from the House of Representative's office. It was official in its' appearance, but almost got tossed before it was opened. Fortunately Jeff did not trash the envelope because it contained the important document notifying us of Amanda's place on the Dean's List.

"Holy Crap, Batman," I heard Jeff say as he read through the certificate. I am sure he did not fully convey his excitement and pride to Amanda herself, so I am outting him as being one happy daddy.

Thankfully we have the silly Slutsky family blog to give millions of folks the opportunity to share our joy.

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