Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year End Details

As we wrap up another year I am scrambling to finish a few things-- all while being unable to really see and therefore, drive. Until my corneas heal enough to refract my eyes, there is no way to correct my vision to 20/20 via new lenses, so my current glasses and contacts are obsolete. This makes driving a no-no and it makes typing on the computer difficult, but not dangerous or impossible. (THANK GAWD!) If I seem to be slurring my words worse than usual (beyond spell checker) I apologize.

I am in the process of remodeling my current computer room into a home office. This project requires installing locking french doors that keep the two and four legged little people out. The dead bolted doors are key to keeping my stuff safe from markers, maple syrup, and spilled gatorade. We can't afford to go there; again! I am packing my current office for the said move, and I am weeding through piles of paperwork, receipts, EOB statements from our two different insurance companies, old bills, current bills, and more chazzerai. I hope to have the actual ebay worthy, profit-making merchandise, swapped out in one full swoop, just transferring it from Jeff's building to the new home office. I am sure this little move and set up will go much smoother than when my husband boxed my old office and moved me to a smaller office space while I was on bed rest.

I realized that Amanda is due for new glasses and her current vision coverage is changing for the worse, after January first, which is in less than 48 hours. Tick Tock. It is a good thing I knew she would LOVE some of the Vera Bradley eye glass frames I scored at my favorite close-out store back in November. I snagged them as a Hanukkah gift for her because I could not pass them up. Now the only obstacle is scheduling the new eye exam in time to take advantage of the coverage for the lenses to go inside the darling frames. Maybe I will call my new BFF, Dr. Richard Erdey on his cell phone, since I have the number.(kidding) I am hopeful to pull this shenanigan off before time runs out.

I promised Argenida that I would create her How Time Flies scrapbook album anthology from the last year to present. I have uploaded the photos, made 45 beautiful 12x12 pages, and all that is left to do is: come up with the money to pay for them, order them and cross this off my list. This was her "Big" Christmas gift this year and I am irked that I have not been financially able to present her with book on time. It is not for lack of effort or thought though, it is just a money thing.

It has been grey, cold and there have been various blankets of white powder on my front lawn for over a week. I am not talking about spilled gluten free flour, or cocaine, I am referring to the nasty snow. Which brings me to another task that I must tackle. TRAVEL PLANS! In order to mentally and emotionally survive the long ass winter here, I need my escape planned and officially on the calendar. My usual "schemes" are just tag alongs when Jeff is on business but the choices for January and February look weak so far. I am looking forward to finalizing something soon so I can start counting down the days until I can escape this arctic crap.

My big plans for New Years Eve include being at home, preparing a fancy feast like meal for Jeff and maybe Silvan, drinking some very cold, very dirty Vodka Martinis and being in bed no later than 10:30 p.m. after a long, hot bubble bath. Mmmmmmm, I do lead a jet set life. I have absolutely no desire for the big ticket hotel ballroom parties with inflated priced special menus, cheap champagne, and getting home late, worrying about driving along side amatuers and idiots. My plan is solid and fool proof. It is the final year end detail that sets the tone for the new year.

I am looking forward to a relaxing and wonderful celebration of all things 2009. Now where should I go for that tropical vacation in the beginning of 2010? Details, it is all just details.

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