Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where are we going today?

Most kids wake up and greet their parents with good morning. Some may even ask, What is for breakfast? Or maybe they wonder if is it a school day? I would not know about those kinds of "normal" questions. My kids never ask those probing questions, instead they start the day by asking, "Where are we going today?"

I do keep an unusually active schedule. It is no wonder we are always getting dressed to go somewhere. Mitchell has athletic games, we have preschool, errands, appointments and plenty of trips to Trader Joe's, Giant Eagle and Costco. Feeding a family of 9 means that when I buy produce I have to go to one of the sources at least a few times a week. Milk, and other perishables can be bought in mass but it is dependant on there being enough room in the fridge.

When we stay home and are confined to the house it does get boring, and boredom leads to mischief making when you are a team of 4 small thieves. The key to my sanity is two fold, caffeine and getting them up and out before 10:00a.m. The US Army used to have an advertising slogan that said, "We do more before eight a.m. than most people do all day!" I feel the same way. I am an army of one.

Can you guess where we went today?

We drove by the brand new Chik-Fil-a and saw that it was actually open. We unknowingly arrived in time for the grand opening celebration,

which would not be complete without the "Eat More Chicken" costumed mascot, The Chik-fil-a Cow,

a face painter and a caricature artist. SCORE! We fed the kids there, let the kids totally monkey around on the indoor play set and we came home with the four black and white mascot cows,!

and of course, 4 adorable caricature portraits. I know the kids think that each and every time we go there from now on, it will be like this grand opening party. I am sure they will be disappointed next time we arrive and all they get is some chicken strips.

Because one outing a day is not my style, we moved the excitement to Costco for one of our weekly jaunts for produce and staple pantry items. We delivered some reindeer poop chocolate truffles to CJ's girlfriend, Robin that works there. Just as we were passing the big television sets, Natalie shouted- "Look Mommie, they have Jayhawks here,

Costco has Kansas Jayhawks on a enormous T.V.- Mommie, you should buy us this so we can see the Jayhawks all the time." As much as we would love a flat screen like this, I did not have the heart to tell her that the Jayhawks would not be on it 24/7 like she thought. Who am I to burst her bubble? A girl can dream, right?

So when I wake up tomorrow, I will tell the kids, good morning. I will tell them it is NOT a school day and then I will tell the inquiring minds our plans. Hmmmmmmm, Where will we go?

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