Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Surgical Success

Our little boy was an awesome patient. He was brave and fearless about having his tonsils and adenoids removed. I on the other hand was a bit nervous but I kept my composure for the sake of the situation.

When we arrived at the surgi-center he was all smiles and entertained us with all things silly.

He proudly wore his new bracelet and played with Daddy until it was time to pass out hugs like candy on Halloween. The boy is a flirt. He was so friendly with everyone, especially the ladies. Like father like son?

He changed
into the gown and pants while I put on a yellow bunny suit with the matching hat.

I instantly had flashbacks to the days when CJ was in isolation in the NICU= because he had a MRSA infection, he as quarantined to a special room and to avoid cross contamination among the babies I had to wear a similar suit just to visit and hold him. My how times have changed- the boy now weighs more than 10 times what he did back then. In the NICU photos he weighed less than 3 pounds, and now he is a hefty 33.5 pounds.

Once inside the operating room all the nurses and the surgical team were commenting about CJ's curly hair. They went on and on about how adorable his curls are- they were so excited to compare him to his ENT, Dr. Paul Krakovitz who is a curly top too. Upon closer inspection the anesthesiologist called CJ, Dr. Krakovitx's little twin, then before I could agree, the nurse said CJ is Dr. Krakovitz's mini-me!I went to the hospital website so I could lift this directory photo for proof, right here on my blog! Mimi-me? Twins? You decide.

So we are home, safe and sound. CJ is about as perky as usual. He ate dinner about 7 hours after his surgery, and the leftover Maggiano's gluten free fusili pasta with arribiata sauce and gf Italian sausage went down well. They warned us that he may not eat for a few days, but when the kid knew there were leftovers from Maggiano's, he promptly sat down and proceeded to snarf it all. I was thrilled at his enthusiasm and lack of post surgical pain.

I guess when you have your mini-me remove your tonsils and adenoids you can only expect the best results. This boy is a medical miracle, from birth to right now. Go CJ!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your sugery went well, Helene.

The Wright Trips said...

Awesome news! Screw the popsicles & ice cream, he wants him some Maggiano's! I can't blame him.

Kim Dobres said...

Ok Helene...this is the first time I have read your blog and I must say...wow! I totally agree with your assessment of the Duggar situation and the TLC's sugar coated way of showing things is a little disgusting! Also Dr K is someone I have known all my life. His mom Rosey and my mom have been friends for 45 years! I thought he worked in Cleveland not Columbus?! Lets talk soon...

Kim Dobres

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

YES...we went to the Cleveland Clinic and I had to call Dr. Krakovitz's nurse on Thursday just to make sure they really removed his tonsils and adenoids. Thanks to your pal, my son is doing awesome!

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