Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Right Eye- All Right!

I almost forgot to update everyone on the success of my eye surgeries. The left eye went as planned last Tuesday and the following day the lovely and talented Dr. Richard Erdey implanted a cornea ring on the right eye. The procedure itself took less than half an hour but all the legal mumbo jumbo, mild sedation, paperwork and waiting for the O.R, to become available, it took much longer.

I got a chance to really know my nurses. By day two of spending a few hours together we became pals.
We bonded over our love of designer shoes and chocolate. I have never met a nurse that does not love both. I confessed that I wore tall shoes on purpose and that my loose fitting clothing was not gonna happen. I did not go to all the trouble to have a tummy tuck so I could wear frumpy frocks. NO WAY. They totally got that. They wear orthopedic shoes and scrubs so they live vicariously through the patients, and I was just happy to help them.

We posed for photos together so I could officially show off my Filene's Basesment bargain of 2009.

I picked up these amazing Ann Demeulemeester black leather slides on the 80% off rack. They retailed at Barney's in NYC for $655 but Filene's had them for $23 when it was all said and done. I know they are an acquired taste, so I acquired them. They are part motorcycle chick, part haute couture, part hooker and when they make me almost 6 feet tall they are priceless.

So, I am now the proud owner of two corneal implant rings. I am so incredibly special that I have to carry around some fancy laminated identification cards and serial numbers in my wallet. In case of emergency, I suppose. I would hate to think that my identity would be verified by my corneas, but whatever- I am six feet tall and will have stellar vision in a few weeks, I can live with the small details.

After two surgeries and a few office visits I am now friends with my eye surgeon too. In my follow up appointment he gave me his cell phone number in case I have any issues. He told me to call him directly rather than going through the after hours call service. I wasn't sure if he was being so nice because of my effortless charm and splendid personality or because I am good friends with his ex-girlfriend, the one with the perfect hair. No one wants to look bad in the eyes of their ex, so perhaps he was just making sure I spoke kindly of him. Regardless of the circumstances, I am being well taken care of in the medical, optical, and fashion world.

I have more than met my health insurance deductible for the year, so I was quite pleased that I was able to get this finished before the years end. Another to do list item is officially crossed out. The website of Dr. Richard Erdey's practice is www.icanseeclearly.com, it is aptly named don't you think? Once we get my corrected vision to 20/20 I will be able to, as Dr. Erdey says, See Clearly. Since seeing is believing, I am all right (and left)! When it gets right down to the nitty gritty, it always comes back to what we wore when, so consider these my shoes that along with Dr. Erdey, help me see things more clearly.

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Chari in Arizona said...

Glad to hear both eyes are improving- and your eye doctor is really cute.

Happy 2010 to you and your family- the blog is one of may favorites.

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