Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Housekeeping

Is it almost Christmas? I totally forgot to update the blog about several dangling loose ends, so here goes.

First and really most importantly, my marvelous mammogram. There was good news and bad news from the more diagnostic test. In reality the nurse should have said, there is good news and more good news but instead we chatted and this is what she had to say: "You have the breasts of a 25 year old woman." "They are not saggy or loose tissued or even thinned out in the flesh like you would expect to see in someone over 40, they are really firm." "This means that they are also dense and difficult to read in radiology terms." "So the good news is that you have very young breasts for a 41 year old, but the bad news is that it makes it really hard to check them in a mammogram." So, wow, I am flattered and relieved. Really. I have to go back in six months for another set of films that will be compared to these, just as a precaution and to get a baseline for what is normal, for me. Doing this will allow us to see any changes and of course, for me to feel like a 25 year old...hmmmm, good news and good news right?

Back to the Halloween giveaway. I totally spaced it off because I normally don't do contests on my blog. I spent $19.91 all together. The best part of the whole transaction was that the Wilton Jack O'Lantern muffin pan was $24.99 and was included in the 90% off cart. When the cashier rang up the pan it scanned as $24.99 which we both knew was wrong. The Giant Eagle store policy includes that if your item scans incorrectly, you get it for free! So I was able to benefit from their mistake. Cool, huh? This means that NOTHING SHOCKS ME ANYMORE, Jessica Swarz is the big winner. I will ship the pan to you this week. Congrats.

CJ had his tonsils and adenoids removed last Tuesday. We fully expected him to be out of sorts for a few days and not able to be left without his Mommie. Nothing could be further from the truth. The kid is an amazing healer and he left the surgery and did not bat an eye. I called the ENT on Thursday to find out if they really operated on the right patient. I doubt they get any Jewish mothers calling to complain about how their child is acting too healthy.

Jeff and I made a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana on Wednesday. I did not feel as if I should leave CJ at home- just in case. We packed him up and took him with us on a special trip. He LOVED going by himself. He was a real pleasure to be along for the few days too. CJ adores Uncle Silvan and the highlight of his journey to Fort Wayne was getting to spend a few hours in the presence of Uncle Silvan. Here are some photos that show the joy between a 4 year old boy and his father's best friend.

CJ even took the black straw and imitated Uncle Silvan's moustache. They were both quite popular with the ladies at dinner at Eddie Merlot's Restaurant. I had to fight the cute waitresses off with a stick. Remind me not to send CJ there with Uncle Silvan unless they have a chaperone.

Speaking of dining in Fort Wayne, I feel obligated to let the world know we ate two incredible gluten free meals while in town. If you ever thought being gluten free in a small town like Fort Wayne, Indiana would be tough I would beg to differ.

I remembered to take photos at Eddie Merlots. The pictures do not do the meal justice.We started with a seared ahi tuna appetizer and it was scrumptious. CJ stole the chopsticks and proceeded to use them for everything throughout his meal. The meal itself was picture perfect!

It was difficult to capture the shrimp cocktail served over dry ice. The ahi tuna grilled rare, and the walleye with almonds were as good as they look. CJ was really into the fancy atmosphere, especially since they rarely get children in the place- it is fancy and special, just like our boy.
He used the appetizer chopsticks to devour the children's filet mignon and steamed broccoli. Tonsillectomy less than 48 hours ago....yeah right!

The Casa D'Angelo has an amazing dedicated Gluten Free Menu. We expected there would be a few choices and we were pleasantly surprised at the enormous list of choices. CJ was treated to penne with meatsauce and after Maggianos on Monday I am not sure he understood how cool it was to find yet another Italian restaurant that caters to Gluten Free dining. When in Rome or When in Fort Wayne, you decide.

This week we have lots of stuff going on too. I am tentatively scheduled for my cornea intact surgery, if the actual implants arrive in time for a Tuesday and Wednesday procedure. They only do one eye a day and the surgeon schedules his procedures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If the materials do not arrive from the manufacturer we will wait yet another week. I am tired of waiting with bad vision but I know this is something that can't be done in a hurry.

Stay tuned, I am going to try not to fall behind again. Jessica, let me know where to send the pan, and here is an official shout out to The Krel Family- you can clearly see that we kept Silvan entertained and vice versa.

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