Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pre-Bowl Game Celebrations

New Years Eve was almost perfect. Silvan could not make it which was a bummer, but we had a nice crowd anyway, and since Uncle Sil was not here we totally changed up the menu and had a seafood feast complete with all the trimmings.

We put the kids to bed and then the adults opened a few bottles of wine, shook some cold martinis and wondered what that dripping sound was, coming from the kitchen? Imagine the horror of horrors to discover
water trickling in through the ceiling. It was pretty obvious that someone had flushed something inappropriate in my master bathroom.

We were able to do damage control, turn off the water to the area, and proceed with ringing in the new year. I was not about to let some sewage ruin my celebration and hard culinary work. I set up the buffet in the dining room and enjoyed entertaining our guests.

We enjoyed a Caesar salad with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, steamed broccoli with garlic and sea salt, pesto grilled shrimp, Alaskan king crab legs, bay scallops in a lemon butter sauce and

a few decadent desserts like chocolate covered strawberries and miniture cream puffs.

Here are the posed photos we took for Argenida's facebook.

We were quite a fun bunch!

We stuck to our initial plan of staying home, dining on some gourmet fare, and being in bed before 10:30. We did not plan on starting the new year with an emergency, New Years Day/Rose Bowl game Day/Buckeye plumbing service call. Let the Bowl Games begin. Yeah Right. The Ohio State Buckeyes might be in the Rose Bowl this year, but apparently, the Slutskys are in the Toilet Bowl.

Any bets as to what we "find" when the toilet is removed and snaked? As long as we are taking bets, any guess is to how much the service call is gonna cost us?

Happy New Year!

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