Thursday, December 3, 2009

Naughty Equals NOT NICE

I had an issue with Charlotte's behavior at the library. I was completely blind sighted by her naughty attitude and sassy back talking. I have never heard her act this way-ever, but it was only a matter of time, right? C'mon, look at her role models.

Argenida and I took all four kids to the New Albany Library. While I was checking out some DVD's at the counter, the children were reading stories and playing with the puzzles. It was heavenly. They are busy reading and monkeying around with computer games while I scour the facility for new and fun materials to bring home.

There was a problem with one of the ISBN scanners so it took me a while to finish what should have been a quick process. I heard a ruckus coming from the childrens' area but I knew Argenida was in charge so I went about my business of de-magnetizing Olivia, 102 Dalmatians and Pinocchio. When I let Argenida be the boss the relationship works- I would never undermine her authority unless I absolutely needed to do it.

Apparently Charlotte took off her shoes and refused to put them back on. She was prancing around the play area in, (GASP!!!) just tights. When you have four kids so close in age you pick your battles and clearly this was not one of them for Argenida. It would not have been a battle for me either quite frankly. She allowed Charlotte to continue reading in the chair without her shoes- no big whoop. One thing lead to another and Natalie swiped one of Charlotte's books from her stack. This fueled a loud exchange of words between the girls (aka: a fight) when Natalie ran away from Charlotte and Argenida with the stolen story. The noise coming from the room was just loud enough for the bitchy librarian to peek her nose in and notice Charlotte sans her shoes. She told the girls to be quiet, and then sternly approached Charlotte, pointed to her feet and said, "You need to put your shoes on right now!"

My sweet daughter (sarcasm) got some serious attitude right back, and said, "NO!" This did not sit well with the librarian who then went on to say, "You need to find your Mommie and either put your shoes on, or leave!" Argenida intervened and took care of it, but from the desk I could tell things were heating up. I doubt many kids dare to talk back to this woman- so Charlotte's defiance was not well received.

Charlotte and I had a long discussion about being naughty and being nice. The witch librarian was listening so I made sure to keep it really sugary sweet. I explained to Charlotte that when you are in a public place like a library or a store, you have to keep your shoes on. I also addressed the attitude she used with her tone in shrieking NO! In the end, sweet Charlotte looked up at me and said, Mommie, the library lady was naughty to me and naughty means not being nice.

What could I say? Charlotte was right. So keep these words of wisdom in mind one and all.

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Anonymous said...

The scoreboard should read:

Charlotte 1

Librarian 0


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