Monday, December 21, 2009

His name is Hot Cocoa

There is nothing sweeter than a child with a puppy. Advertisers have known this for years and in commercial messages, cute kids and little puppies make for good advertising spots. There is a reason we all love to look at darling bambinos and small baby animals. Awwwwww, so cute!

I could not resist this little fella so I brought him home as a surprise gift for my children. Nothing says I love you like a chocolate labrador puppy!

Natalie instantly adopted him and claimed to be his new Mommie. This darling chocolate lab is about as perfect of a pet as you can get. If you look closely, his tag even says, PERFECT PET. He came in his own travel carrying case with a dog bed and a certificate of adoption.

He just sleeps and sleeps all day. This soft, furry covered statue like little guy runs on batteries and if you look closely you can watch his chest move up and down and he seems to be breathing.

Jeff would have shit his pants and filed for divorce (probably in that order) if I brought home another living thing, so relax, it is a perfect pet!

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