Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Chanukah

It is Chanukah. It can be spelled a half a dozen or more ways and no matter how you spell it, the blasted spell checker is not satisfied. As we celebrate Chanukah with the kids, we enjoy the bright lights of the menorah, the latkes and of course, the American custom of giving gifts.

Chanukah is a festival. In every other country it is just a festival. Here, where kids compete with their classmates, who celebrate the commercialized version of Christmas, parents feel pressured to buy gifts. I am not one to pass on a gift getting holiday but now that I am the one forking over the funds, I am thinking we need to go Old School Jew, and go easy on the wallet. Gift giving is fun, but gift getting is better is you ask me. Sometimes it sucks to be the adult. This is one of those times.

I caved and bought all the little ones a V-tech Nitro Notebook Laptop. I found them for $19.99 at TJ Maxx and went to three locations to make sure I got enough for all the children on my list. Our kids have been hocking us for months to get them each their own computers. After all, everyone else in our home has some sort of laptop, desktop, i-phone or netbook, so in all fairness, they NEEDED them.

Thankfully, I scored them for twenty bucks and was able to AFFORD to purchase them something they actually wanted. This is the main gift from us, Nana, Papa, The Aunts and Uncles are on their own.

This may be the last year when I can give them the little gifts like socks, undies, shower gels, pajamas and winter weather gear as a present. I guess they have yet to figure out that I would HAVE TO BUY THESE ANYWAY. Last night they opened laptops, tonight they scored new pajamas from when Kohl's sent me a take ten dollars off any purchase card. I got one mailing at the office and one at the home address so I made my friend Wendy buy a set of two pairs using one card, and I bought the others. Ten bucks times two is 20 bucks off- like I was going to let that one go, as if. The kids were so thrilled with their new jammies that I felt a bit guilty about paying $4.99 for two pairs. Twice. Thanks Kohl's, Thanks Wendy and Happy Chanukah.

You may be wondering why I would buy Eli the Hello Kitty pajamas.

No need to fret, I did not intentionally choose those for him, he traded with Charlotte who really wanted Thomas the Train. He gladly and proudly exchanged his for hers because he LOVES Hello Kitty too.

I am just about ready to start worrying about his fashion sense, but then he says something classic- like tonight, when he commented about Jeff and me sharing a piece of Argenida's

Cold Stone Creamery birthday cake. Eli impishly said, "You guys share a piece of cake because you are married. When Li'elle and I get married, I will just give her the whole piece!"

Happy Chanukah Everyone!


Wendy said...

Really cool laptops! TJMaxx??? Recently and do you know if any have some left??

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I would check it out because the toy selections at tjmaxx are worthy this time of year. It is not a toy destination for most shoppers. I found all kinds of good stuff at the Ft Wayne Indiana TJ Maxx this week. Good luck Wendy

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mr. Slutsky.

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