Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grandma Andy Linkow Knows

My very good friend and my children's "adopted" "other" Grandma sent us a care package. She knew it would bring her Ohio grandchildren joy. She also knew that there was a probable chance I would not actually give them their gifts because she sent them over 476,00 stickers.

Grandma Andy made me promise that I would let her kids have the contents of the 21 pound box. TWENTY ONE POUNDS! I swore to her that I would keep my word. And I did. I took plenty of photographs as proof.

There were books, cards, pencil holders, and various tckotckes of all kinds. The box was a plethora of fun to the small ones. They were shouting, squealing and giggling with delight. I think the sticker and teacher's supply store threw up inside the box and Grandma Andy sealed it and shipped it to us via UPS. Thanks Grandma Andy can you feel the love across the miles?

Take a look at these punims before you answer.

See Grandma Andy, hell has frozen over, I allowed them to take over my kitchen table, and family room. YES, YES, YES my children adore you, there are stickers of all shapes, sizes and colors stuck to various surfaces in every room of the house. Your presence and presents are obvious throughout our entire home. I am finding stickers in places where stickers do not belong, but that is another post all together.

Grandma Andy knows how to spoil her FOUR grandchildren rotten. Case Closed.

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Andy said...

STICKERS????? WHAT STICKERS ??????? I didn't send them stickers. I sent them soft porn, saving the other type for later, when they get older. Grandma Andy does KNOW.!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA

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