Sunday, December 6, 2009


Everyone loves freebies. I love samples and freebies of all kinds. I order tons of trial sized freebies and I give them to Argenida or I keep them in my travel bag. You can always send these to someone who you know will love them, kind of a nice surprise in the mailbox. Getting free stuff in the mail is way more fun than just getting bills and invoices. Here are some of the current freebies I have come across lately.

Huggies Little Mover Diapers

charmin extender for jumbo tp rolls

aveeno samples and tote bag

Free custom luggage tags using your photo

Burts Bee's Acne treatment

Pampers Night Time Diapers

Can you tell I am keeping myself busy until we get through this week? Between CJ's surgery and my follow ups, I am doing everythink I can to be focused on anything but the medical crap. There is shopping to do, Chez Ami mailings to prepare, birthdays to celebrate, and travel plans to make. Once we get the first cold snap and snowfall it is key to begin strategizing a getaway. So in case you are wondering what I am up to while you collect freebies today, I am on line too, just staying busy.

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