Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For the Birds

After my post yesterday about the brutal Holiday Seasons of my past, I thought I would title this post accordingly. Can you feel my wicked sarcasm?

I am not opposed to festive celebrations at all, in fact I am a real party planner- give me a reason to entertain and I am all over it. I love the holidays on my terms- not my neighbor's backward ass lack of decorum and style.

I love cooking, decorating and being seasonally minded. I just do most of my shopping about 11 months ahead so that I can do this at 90% off. Tell me I am not the only one who changes the hand towels and oven mitts for each holiday?

So when the kids collected a bazillion pine cones last week, I decided to throw a party for our feathered friends. Tis the season to be jolly, right? Right.

I set up a craft station on the kitchen island and I assembled all the necessary ingredients to make pine cone bird feeders. I demonstrated the technique of painting on the peanut butter using a cinnamon stick. I showed the kids how to roll the buttered cone in bird seed. From there they were on their own to create a smorgasbord of seed encrusted cones.

We did this together for an hour and made a tray full of party platters for the birds.

I added some unrolled paper clips to make hangers and then tied them with ribbons to hang from the tree branches. It is the holiday spirit alive and well in me. Stay tuned for follow up posts about the swarms of birds around our trees near the kitchen windows. With four small hands crafting, we have enough feeders for the Audubon society to host their annual convention at our house. Thankfully having a Jack Russell Terrier on the prowl prevents those pesky squirrels from swiping the seeded feeders.

See kids, we made bird feeders from pine cones. Mommie was outdoorsy when you were younger. We recycled from nature and did arts and crafts. Can you still feel that dripping sarcasm?

The holidays are for the birds!

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