Monday, December 14, 2009

The Duggar Family DISASTER

It is baby 19 for the Duggar Family. I would offer my congratulations but I just CAN. NOT. DO. IT. I am angry. I am all riled up. This is a birth that is sad.

I have written about the Duggar Family before, only this time I am outraged by the media coverage of this "blessed" event. All 18 children prior were full term, but this one, is not as lucky. Baby Josie Brooklyn was born at 25 weeks gestation weighing less than a pound and a half. She is a micro preemie in every sense. Her day to day survival in measured in hours. There is a probable chance she will have lifelong complications or could die before the Duggars take her home.

Quite frankly the Duggars tempted fate a few too many times because doctors warned Michelle Duggar about her advanced maternal age, prior pregnancies and the overwhelming risk of a uterine rupture. This pregnancy ended early because of pre-eclampsia which gone undetected could have left her 18 other children motherless. Pre-eclamspsia is fatal to the mother without swift medical attention or delivery of the unborn baby. In this tragic case the birth ended Michelle's problem but opened a huge can of worms for the tiny girl she was carrying.

I know the struggles of prematurity four**** times over. I am passionate about preemies because I am the proud parent of three beautiful 27 weekers. This is a dubious honor and I am still a bit sad and disappointed that I failed them in the gestating department. Here is what the media is NOT showing people. This is Eli, a relatively healthy baby born at 27 weeks.

In this photo he is 20 hours old and weighed TWICE what baby Josie Duggar weighs- Eli was about 2 pounds 14 ounces here, so basically the Duggar baby is LESS than HALF this size. There is nothing sadder than to watch your child hooked up to machines, equipment and wires. Yet in the media they are showing photos of the Duggar Family holding full term babies- it is a bait and switch. A photo says a 1000 words which is probably why we have not seen any images of their preemie- my guess is that it would be pitiful. (****Charlotte was born at 35 weeks and in comparison to the triplets, I could not even refer to her as a preemie, to me she was full term)

I feel sorry for the other kids at home. Having a mother that goes back and forth to the NICU everyday and is healing from a c-section is a challenge. Now that the older Duggar Daughters are in charge at home I am sure they will be multi-tasking in ways that no teenager should. Running a home with 18 children is a daunting task, but when you add the responsibility of a severely premature baby to the mix, it is mentally, physically, emotionally and personally draining. Those poor girls. They did not sign up for this.

A 25 week baby is born 15 weeks early. This is serious. There are complications that the news stories are failing to address. From the TLC website:
Michelle is resting comfortably and baby is stable and in the NICU for extended care. The most important thing right now is for Mom and baby Josie to get as much rest as possible. The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery. Are they high? This is the understatement of the century.

IF there is one good thing to come from this Duggar Disaster I am hoping it is an awareness of the medical challenges of premature births. This is a chance for TLC to redeem themselves after Jon and Kate have imploded on them. This is an opportunity for the network to give some recognition to the premature issues facing millions of babies. Let's see how they put some sugary spin on this one?

So perhaps this disaster will be a wake up call to the Duggars. Maybe this will end their quest to populate the state of Arkansas with more lil Duggars. I have nothing against them personally I just do not understand why they keep getting pregnant against medical advice. I am really praying for them, I am praying like an educated woman who believes in the miracle of life. I am blogging to vent my frustration and shed some light on this sad story. Do you think this will help people realize that too much of a good thing can be bad?


loren said...

I'm hoping some news station has the brains to mention how serious this is... it makes me sick to think that people might see "25 weeker" and get a warped picture that it's not really that big of a deal. Ugh, I feel ill.

Anonymous said...

you had a baby born at 27 weeks, so you know what she is going through!! wow you sure do offer up words of encouragement. I can't believe someone who has been in this same spot would say such things during such a difficult time for another family. You should be ashamed of yourself and remember back to when you were going through this. And no people will not realize anything from this blog post. One last thing, i think you might want to re-think what it means to "believe" in the miracle of life.

Anonymous said...

I agree, i mean do you think she wanted her baby to be born this early..... NO. You are making it sound like its a new trend. I think people know how serious this is, so there is no reason in trying to prove just how "serious" such an event is. Would you like it better if the news said something like, "congrats duggar family chances are slim for your baby". You guys are twisted. Where is your sympathy?

Kellie said...

AMEN! I had a slew of emotions upon hearing the lastest Duggar news while working in the NICU this weekend. As a mom to a 30 weeker and 25 weeker who both have long term complications from their prematurity, I am once again furious with the media for their abstract reporting on the seriousness of prematurity. The public needs a wake up call on the life changing impacts of prematurity. Franklin county has one of the highest prematurity rates in the state at almost DOUBLE the national average (13+% in Franklin county). It is an epidemic and only excellent education will turn around the unfortunate perspective many have.

Anonymous said...

let me ask kellie a question, you are well educated on prematurity, yes? I am sure you were well educated your first time as a mother to a premature baby, Yes? So let me ask you, how did that prevent or even lower your risk to your second baby born premature?

ree said...

Are you kidding me, anonymous posters???

The Duggars are a disgrace to families in the 21st century. They have enough children. It's a shame that the older kids are now left to do mom and dad's jobs at home since they are off trying to have more children.

And, should this baby have a happy outcome what does she have to look forward to? Not an education, since her parents feel that a girl's best future is to breed. That's all. Find a husband and breed. You don't need an education for that.

This baby girl has been doomed from before she was born.

I may not write as eloquently as the blogger, but I feel as passionately that this "family" is NOT doing a service to their children; especially their daughters.

May God help them all.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Actually I have THREE 27 weekers, and I would offer words of encouragement to the Duggars if they had not gotten pregnant against medical advice. They were warned of the major risk factors and ignored them.

No one wants their child to be born anything but happily and healthily- obviously.

I would be happy if the media said, The Duggars have welcomed their 19th child into the world 15 weeks early. Please take a moment to realize this is a very serious situation that may take months to resolve and even then, there may be long term complications that it is new to the family. Prematurity of this degree is never a welcome event.

Mom2FiveGreatKids said...

I do not think anyone is doubting that the Duggars wanted a preemie, but they did know the risks based on the fact that Michelle's uterus has given birth to 14 single pregnancies and two twin pregnancies. She was told about the risk of uterine rupture which she lucky she did not have this time. Pre-Eclampsia is a huge threat to a woman, and again, Michelle Duggar dodged a bullet.

I think Anon needs to realize that the Duggars have tempted fate too many times based on the advanced maternal age of Michelle. Her body is sending a message. I hope they understand that in this case they are actually lucky that she did not die and leave the rest of the brood without a mom.

I am sure that as a mother, Helene is supportive of the baby and her struggles, she is just not on board with congratulating the parents.

Anonymous said...

First let me say my hat is off to you raising so many babies at once. Its just that the Duggars have there beliefs that some may not understand. My husband's grandmother is one of 17 children and her mother lived into her 90's and the family has SO much fun when we still all get together, so I would say no, that to much of a good thing is not bad in this case!

Anonymous said...

oh one last thing, she lived into her 90's back when women had babies at home with very little medical help. So I think we should all let there family decide what is best for them.

Anonymous said...

I am a 23 year old girl, with a business marketing major. Raised in a family where my mother and father were both business executives, I can say that I will not choose the same path. I think the Duggars do an excellent job on speding time with there children. Having come from a family where work is most important, I think the Duggar's are teaching there young girls what is most important in life. I think Ree needs to understand that not everyone feels the same way she does! I have an education and every opportunity in the world to work for either of my parents or any other corporation. I feel that whatever your generation was taught needs to be abolished. Its not all about money and college and who is the farthest in the rat race.

Christa @ Quintooples said...

I COMPLETELY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. Michelle has a baby addiction (or baby hoarding) which is a VERY real condition. Jim Bob has stated on many occasions that he would respect Michelle's decision to stop having children...and yet, were we are at child number NINETEEN, against medical advice.

She belongs to the "quiverfull" movement, where the complete and ultimate authority for a woman is her husband. I hope that Jim Bob asks Michelle to STOP this nonsense, and they start using some form of birth control.

Condoms. Seriously. Vasectomy. SOMETHING.

People don't get it. Prematurity this severe is SOOOOO dangerous. This baby will be in the hospital for at LEAST 4 months, and will most likely have severe developmental disabilities.

Oh, and TLC....doing the right thing??!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Misty said...

I completely agree with what you said. I had FOUR 30weekers and we were LUCKY! And I still wish everyday I could have gone longer. NO ON expects or would want a preemie birth! And I know you wish only the best for that baby. BUt I agree that TLC has an opportunity to really show what micro preemie issues are and that this women needs to STOP having kids.

Aaryn said...

As much as we think our drs. are sometimes over the top in dishing out the medical advice- they are professionals, with TONS of training and it's b/c of the cases like this that we MUST take what they say and run with it. Unfortunately, you never know when it will apply to you....I'm all for having tons of kids (heck I might want to have my own team...) but we all need to follow the advice of our doctors.

Shannon said...

OHHHHHHHHH KAAAYYYYYYYYYY! (Helene, you know I am taking a deep breath before I actually launch into my commentary....)

First of all, those who comment anonymously are a)total chickenshits and b)not deserving of a voice or a say if they don't have the chutzpa to say who they are.

That being said, I can tell you that I was incredibly fortunate to have 2 children both born at 38 weeks weighing 8 lbs 13 oz each(don't ask how that happened but my youngest was only 1/2" longer than her older brother). I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed in so many ways it goes without saying. These parents, however, have taken their 'faith' and used it in some La-La land fashion thinking that they are "doing God's work" and frankly, the days of having to have 20 kids so that 2 or 3 survive are O.V.E.R!!! In this day and age where medical science has reduced infant mortality and childhood disease mortality dramatically, it is irresponsible and completely unfair to the 18 children ahead of this one to have done this...frankly, I look at people with 3+ children and wonder how the hell they do it financially and give all those kids the best chance at prosperity and pardon me, but geesh...find something ELSE to do when the weather is bad!! *wink* Seriously though, if your religious upbringing is such that birth control is an issue, one might rethink how they adhere to religious beliefs based on where our society actually stands in terms of global issues such as rampant over population, reduction in natural resources and then think you put your 5+ kids through public schools, what a burden you as ONE FAMILY are on an already taxed system!! It's a different issue if you're paying for private schools...but your tax dollars pay for public schools and that is based on household income and property taxes...regardless of whether you have 1 or 19 children!!! Now you're affecting me and MY kids....and frankly that pisses me off.

I feel for this little being who was not ready for this world, life is truly hard enough for the strong, healthy ones that have a headstart at childbirth; but for this small person the long term ramifications from so many standpoints is just not fair! Her chances are so much less based on the flat out SELFISHNESS, NAIVETE, AND BLIND RIDICULOUSNESS ABOUT FAITH!

Oh I KNOW that my position on this one is vastly unpopular so keep your name calling to yourself! I freely admit that I have HAD it with the so-called neo conservative movement that preaches faith and their so called "promise keepers" and raising their hands and crying out to "JEEEEEEEEEESUS!!!"....give me a blessed BREAK! I don't believe that forgiveness comes over and over just because we ask for it, while continuing our same sinful stupid behavior because we want what we want when we want it! GET OVER YOURSELVES~!

I have quite frankly, zero compassion for these SHEEPLE that call themselves 'parents'...and I wish that instead of birthing their own genetic offspring, people would think MORE about adopting children from all over the world including the US that are already here, already desperate for love and attention and a chance at some semblance of a good life. If the Duggars have that much love to give and want to be of service to God and Christ, maybe they should think of more humble and less selfish ways to do so! Seems to me they are more interested in the fame and notoriety that comes with this 'feat' than they are with the well being of these kids.

in the words of Forrest Gump, "Thats all I have to say about that!"

Dorene said...

First of all, use your name if you have anything at all intelligent to say. Otherwise, keep your fingers off the keys!!

I think it's fine if you want a big family, I see a lot of babies who have made it when they were born way too early. However there are MANY complications when this happens.

To not feel satisfied with what she has, and to go against the drs'. professional, medical advice and have more is something that screams, "I'm not well in the head", to me! And to still want more!!

Back in 'the day', people had bigger families to help with the work load~ and it got dark early and without t.v.... well, you see where I'm going with this! ;)

Big families can be fun, but it doesn't mean it's okay or easy on the older kids. Small families can be fun too, and they aren't always smaller just because the parents think more of their work than their families. Keep an open mind.

I believe that Helene does care for the Duggar family, she is just pointing out the irresponsibility of their latest choices.

I grew up down the street from a family with 13 kids. They had always wanted 14, and when we moved away, she was pregnant with the 14th! They were a nice family, but the only times I remember seeing their mom was if she happened to come downstairs to the kitchen for something to eat and she was always wearing a big mumu type dress. She was always exhausted, the dad was always at work & the kids were always doing whatever they wanted. Yes, they did their chores, but as soon as that ended...

I pray their little baby is fine, for the long haul, I also pray the other kids are fine as well.

And again, don't post unless you are strong enuf to say who you are. It's really immature.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous poster who defends Ms. Duggar for having 19 kids. Would you also defend her for doing anything else her doctor's recommend against during pregnancy? Like drinking, smoking, or doing drugs during pregnancy? What's the difference between any of these and what she's done by putting herself and her child at risk through another pregnancy?

To the anonymous poster that defends the Duggar's beliefs, some Mormons believe in polygamy. Some hard core Islamists believe it's ok to kill those who don't share their beliefs. Do you defend their beliefs and actions as well?

To the anonymous poster whose grandma had 17 kids and lived to be 90 years old. I'm happy for you, but would you also suggest we go back doing things like pumping unfiltered pollution into the atmosphere or allow unregulated dumping of chemicals into water supplies. They did those things 90 years ago too. You know why? BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T KNOW ANY BETTER.

To the anonymous 23 year old marketing major. You said your parents are business execs but with your marketing major, you won't follow in their footsteps? I agree, not unless you learn to proofread and use 'there' and 'their' appropriately.

This reminds me of an old Dice Clay nursery rhyme.

There was an old woman who lived in shoe. She had so many kids ...

Lighten up you other anonymous posters.

To the other mothers. Thank you for all you do for your kids (and husbands) safe and healhty. Keep up the good work.

Michele S said...

People love them some Duggars. Don't they? Whoa. TLC has done a mighty fine marketing job with the freakiest family in America. I applaud them.

As for the whole Quiverfull movement which the Duggars are part of, it is just a plain, old, crazy cult. The fact we have gotten to a point where we are glorifying taking women back in time, when we had no rights over our reproduction, and were at the mercy of our masters, I mean husbands is mind-boggling. Why stop there? Let's go further back when we couldn't vote, or own land, or inherit our husband's money. The Duggars are like a huge step back for women. Women were expendable, nothing more than chattel.

OMG. That is huge for ratings. Yippee. Maybe the next reality show will be inside the FLDS compound.

Shae128 said...

I stumbled onto this page, because I am genuinely concerned about the Duggars. Only to find that this is a site that is full of judgmental comments.
Where is the love and compassion for a brother or sister? Not here!
In a world with many "really" horrible things happening, I think I will spend my time here showing love.
John 3:16-17
16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

loren said...

Shannon - I LOVE YOU.

Shae - You want to know where the love and support is? Where's the love and support for that infant who is SUFFERING in the NICU right now because her parents couldn't stop breeding in the name of God??? You know how fun it is to watch a 1-pound baby try to cry while she's hooked up to a ventilator and the only reason you can tell she's crying is from her facial expressions? NOT FUN. People need to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions instead of using God as an excuse to do what they want to do.

Michele S said...

OMG, Helene. You have been SAVED. I am absolutely hysterical.

Anonymous said...

judge not....... i think you know the rest

Anonymous said...

do you people not have anything better to do with your time???????

Anonymous said...

amen anonymous...... these ladies do not live in the real world!!!! who are all you people????

Anonymous said...

i think all these ladies need to put on some big girl panties, and get over it!!! nothing you do or say can change the fact that many families will have as many babies as we want 2!!!! try that on for size!!!

Anonymous said...

Shannon i think you need to take a deep breath! No one really cares what you type on here. Honey, its just a blog, not some platform for the world to hear you!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

WOW- a few anonymus drama mamas. I should say that I really do not care how many children anyone has- that is not my issue with the Duggars at all. If they can afford to have 56 more, that is not my concern. I do however think it is selfish of them to keep cranking out the kids when they CAN NOT AFFORD to pay for full coverage health insurance, college, and live an honest American life like the rest of us.

The Duggar family has classified their home as a church so they can reap the tax benefits most families would not even think of- to me this not much different than chesting the system and collecting public assistance. They also gain financial help from TLC which I liken to selling the freak show to the public. When you make your home/church/lifestyle a television show, you invite the public to see, critisize and have an opinion.

I am not judging them I am just pointing out the little things that most people do not care to broadcast. TLC has never said, The Duggars are expecting another baby against the recommendation of medcial professionals. The fact that Jim Bob does not have a decent health insurance policy leads me to believe that this extensivve NICU stay will be paid for by REAL tax payers in Arkansas.

The whole story is sad-

Christa @ Quintooples said...

HEY Shannon! WTH? I have 5 kids...I wanted 3, but my last kid was a set of triplets.

My husband pays a LOT of money in taxed, being self employed, and not poor. So, we do send them to public school...but I think we pay enough in friggin taxes to warrant it.

Don't lump me in with the damned Duggars!!! LOL!!!

Michele S said...

OMG, Helene. I wrote about the same thing, yet people are all nasty on YOUR blog. What is up with that?

I think you must have gotten linked to a bunch of Quiverfull forums or something. Crrrr-azy. Maybe they don't name the women at all beyond Breeder 1, Breeder 2, etc, so they don't have any names.

Shannon said...

Christa judgement! and NO lumping!! LOL Blessings sometimes come in 3's or more or less.

Anonymous...I breathe just fine friend. I am flattered that you somehow think I am trying to launch from a 'platform' of sorts...not even, just supporting my GF Helene on her blog.

Having spent 10 days traveling back and forth every 2.5 hours while my son (who was born only 2 weeks early, and 8lb. 13 ozs) spent that long in the NICU for our own issues...and I have to say that there is nothing more heart-wrenching than watching your brand new baby go through that! I am at a loss for how painful it would be to do that with a little that is just a pound or two!! My heart goes out to those children...ALL of them. They will surely spend a fortune on therapy over the years...

I'm not looking to be read or heard, and I don't really care what anyone else thinks about my's mine. But if you are going to throw out judgements of others, at least have the cajones to state your name!

MAN! I love me some good debate and banter!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Anonymous said...

The Duggars have never said that they are trying to populate or that they are trying to have more children. They believe children are a gift from God. They dont believe in birth control because of what happened with their second pregnancy. They dont believe in abortion. God has blessed them so much for their faithfullness to Him. God is such an amazing and merciful God. I think it is wonderful that they have so many children and they are raising them to be faithful to God and responsible.

Anonymous said...

Have Seen the show? They didn't mean to get preged but it just happened. B nice their newborn Josie needs help can't u care for a little newborn. Don't just blame it on the parents!!!!!!!! They didn't mean any harm! God put them in this situation. JeeZ have a little common sense!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! i mean i understand that they are under the quiverfull movement, but that doesn't mean risk your health just so that you can keep having kids... I feel so bad for those teens because (since i'm one) all you want is personal space!

Anonymous said...

With having a baby at 27 weeks you should feel for Michelle and the baby. You should send out your prayers instead of writting up a rude and insulting post.

You should know that most often having a premie does not result in anything the mother has done to the baby or herself... it just happens. As is the case with baby Josie. Michelle's blood presure spike, which never happened in a previous pregnancy. How was she to know this was to happen?

I personally feel for what the Duggar's and baby Josie are going through right now and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Anonymous said...

i think you're just mad because you obviously had to go through fertility treatments and michelle was able to have so many children on her own. you knew that carrying triplets posed a great risk of prematurity and time in the nicu. if they bother you so much, DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THEM!

Anonymous said...

I too agree that she is just simply pushing her luck, by risking herself and the babies that she continues to try and carry. It wont be long till we hear a new announcent proclaiming yet another miracle from God.

All these lovely quotes from the bible.. What a pleasure. I also have heard a good one. " God helps those whom help themselves" On that note we were given the intelligence to create birth control and the common sense to use it, well most of us have anyway..

It irritates me that she keeps pushing it and her husband sits there by her side oblivious to the risks.. What will irritate me more is when Baby Josie gets home ( they should be so lucky ) and they still continue in their fantasy world that all will be well. I had a preemie at about the same gestation. I visit him every Sunday by his grave side.

She is just plain lucky.. one that she her self is still here with her children and two that she has not had to hold a baby too small to live and feel the helpessness as her child takes his/ her last breath.

Her and her husband are rediculously addicted to babies for fame and fortune! IN my opinion they are selfish. Anyone out there who has had a preemie knows that the first few months are living day to day, painfully at that, often with a morphine drip to keep them sedated..

I hope that the baby is ok,

Anonymous said...

you know people hav just as big of grudge against people who have fertility treatments and have high order multiples (such as yourself) as they do against people who have a multitude of kids such as the duggars, how hypocritical!

KaYliEeLiSaBeTh19 said...

i absolutly love the Duggars. i believe that everyone needs to be thankful that their are families our there to take the responsibility to do what God wants them to do and i believe that they are doing a great job of being parents. But now that they have left the amount of children they have up to God, i think that this is a sign from God that this is their point to stop and raise their children and just because they have 19 children doesnt make them bad parents. i think that some of you need to take into consideration of what amount of responsibility they have..THEY ARE RAISING 19 CHILDREN! So some people need to just leave them alone and be thankful that their are people out their that take this amount of responibility...THE END!

Anonymous said...

Having triplets, you knew the likelihood of having preemies. Did that change your mind about carrying all three? I think not. Each baby that enters this world comes as a risk, but some risks are worth taking. I believe God creates babies and will decide when the family has had enough. Not that long ago large families were the norm.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Oh MY GOODNESS....there are so many people out there who love them some Duggars regardless of their choices.

First, let me just say that I am all for large families so long as you can manage it, and the Duggars try to find every available loop hole to be able to provide for themselves. I do not condone that, nor do I believe it is God;s choice how many children you have- it is the choice of the parents with God;s help. Some said the Duggars were not trying to get pregnant again, but yet they were not NOT TRYING by abstaining or using protection, either.

It amazes me how many ANONYMOUS poeple feel the need to chime in and slam me, but do not have the balls to leave their name. If you can dish it out, own up to it.

Anonymous said...

and many many years from now there would be news like "Michielle Dugger died at age 98 but they saved the baby"

lovesmytwins said...

First off I had twins born 34 weeks 4lbs 1 oz and 4lbs 11 oz I had them due to pre e as well. I know too what its like having to go through that and reguradless of who she is or how many kids I dont wish that on ANYONE!
You people need to open your minds just a little and realize we are all different. So they have 19 kids those kids are ALL well behaved and well loved I see people with one and two kids who they ignore and the kids are bad!
The duggars are wonderful parents and have zero debt how many of us can actually say that? They always tell their children you can be whatever you want in life they do NOT force the daughters to become house wives! And if they dont want to adopt another persons kids doesnt make them selfish some people choose not to oh well. There are pleanty of other families that do adoption takes some time. Will every child be adopted no.
I think its crazy how you all bash them. Also before michelle had the baby she was reported to be healthy and in good condition.
Yes this time it wasnt as they had hoped but that DOESN'T mean they are not blessed to have this baby!
Times change and while it isn't common to have that many kids in todays time why does it make it wrong if it happens?
Atleast she isnt naydya who goes and has 6 kids already and goes behind the sperm donors back an gets insiminated again because she just has to have more kids! THAT women is a disgrace she was already on welfare and brought more kids into the world and now is out being an attention seeker an fame whore.
Leave the duggars be!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!The only thing that is happening to those kids is they are learning things in life in a family that's different than ours. They are free to be how they want to be but they choose to help their family. Remeber, when Michelle had her first handful of babies she didn't have the help nor did she need it.
If you watched the show you would know that and you would also know that this baby was not planned. They were stil questioning whether they would have another baby when Josie suddenly appeared. They had actually thought about not having more children, they were about to be grandparents for the first time and knew how serious the complications were getting.

Beth Ann said...

I agree that they should stop having children now. However, I have a couple issues with what you have to say #1 being that Michelle seems to catch all the criticism....not only from you but from many other people who have commented on this subject....let's say "THEY" rather than "SHE" when referring to THEIR decision to have their 19th child, etc. It takes TWO to tango and just because the woman gives birth doesn't mean she should be taking all of the criticism and blame. My 2nd issue is that many people could argue that perhaps YOU should not have gone on to have not only 1 but 2 more children after having a 27 weeker...risking their being premature as well. How would that make you feel? I just don't think we are anyone to criticize their decisions....there are a lot crazier things that people do than having 19 children....and this family seems to be a very well functioning family who love each other very much and are being raised with an abundance of love and teaching instilled in them which will help them grow into wonderful adults with good morals and values which the world could definitely use more of.

Beth Ann said...

After submitting my last post I realized that you have triplets, so I renig my comment about you having 2 more babies after your 27 weeker. Although, it does appear from your siggy of your family that you did go on to have one more child after your triplets, which people could question and point their finger at you for. I understand the complexities that premature babies face (I am a NICU nurse) and I thought it was a huge understatement when the media stated that Josie was in stable condition...because I knew she was anything but stable...there is no stable at 25 weeks! I just don't think it is right to have such animosity toward such a loving family and seemingly GOOD people when there are so many worse people on television who don't receive such criticism. Perhaps they will stop having children now and we can all breathe a sigh of relief....that is unsure, but what is sure is that if baby Josie survives she will be very loved and well provided for and I am sure she will be happy to have been given the gift of life.

Rachlsmom said...

I'm not so sure why people have so much to say about the Duggars. Why in the world are people so quick to criticize this family? Who are YOU to stand there and hand out judgements to any woman about her skills as a mother, her level of compassion or her ability to be a good mother. Those children of hers (and her husband of course)are good, wholesome children. They are being raised with amazing morals and values and people should look at this family and praise them. They are good natured, well behaved, well adjusted children who will undoubtedly turn into loving, hard working, caring, God loving adults. Michelle Duggar is doing a wonderful job instilling good values in her children, AND she is doing a good job running a house with how many?? Yes 19 children! THAT is wonderful! What is so wrong with the family working together to make it all work? How else would ANYONE expect all of the clothes to get washed, rooms to be cleaned, meals to get cooked. Everyone works together and that is yet another wonderful way of instilling a solid work ethic. Children these days watch too much tv. They do too much of nothing. Not all, and I'm sure not your children. But a lot of children in this country have no idea what it means to work hard. NO, I don't think children should be working hard. I do believe children should be children. They SHOULD play and have fun! But they also need to be prepared for the real world. For the future. I admire Michelle Duggar and her husband.
Michelle got pregnant again. In her eyes, it's what God wanted. I am under the impression, that her and her husband make love without the use of any birth control. Because if God wants them to have another child then she will get pregnant. She did. Should we all stand around and blame her for not preventing it in the 1st place? Blame her for not aborting? Oh please, I am sick using that word in this paragraph. Michelle is a good woman. She is a good mother. She loves her children very much. She is clearly doing a wonderful job with them. Why would it bother you if she had 5 or 15? What do you care? She is raising them properly. They are clean, loving, caring children. They are happy and they are learning! She was pregnant again. ok. She delivered a preemie. That, as YOU KNOW better than most, is a very difficult road to travel. She is hurting, she is stressed. She is faced with a tremendous burden and all you can do is condemn her?? You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself. You should be supportive of your sister. We are all in this together. She is not doing a disservice to ANYONE!! Not her community, not our society! She is actually helping if anything. Her children are a blessing. JUST LIKE your children. They are good kids. They will be fine adults. OUR childrens co workers. and fellow PTA members. They are the adults of the future. Let her do her best. God has given her this gift. Just like you and me and any other mother. If you can't support her and her difficult time and you can only criticize and condemn. Then perhaps you should just pray for yourself. Pray that YOU will be more accepting of people. Pray that you will be less judgemental. Pray that you can see the good in people and through their faults you can learn acceptance. Not everyone is perfect. AND just because someone doesn't do it YOUR WAY does not make it the WRONG WAY. You may not see eye to eye with someone and their choices. But you have to remember how we ARE all different. You may not understand this right now and you may disagree.But Michelle is strugging, I mean she has alot on her plate too! Maybe a little more than you or I, but so what? It's her plate. Let her live it. She needs love and acceptance. Unconditional love. Just like we ALL do. Please pray for you. Pray for your ability to see through the mist and see that she too is a loving mom who needs the same thing we all do. Support.

Linda Terry said...

Lets give your body a break, what damage's are you causing your self having children one right after another.. what happened to the recovery period? I had a child born at 29 weeks very tiny, her name is Samantha not only did she have meningitis at 2 weeks old which caused alot of damage but she has had to undergo spinal surgery cause of scoleosis and has severe to moderate CP... I will pray for the newest Duggar pray they don't have to go through what I am going through with my little girl!

But kudo's to Michelle cause she seems to be a awesome mom.. heck even with all those kids she make's the time with her kids some of us never get time with our parents..

Mom of Three said...

The Duggars are followers of the Quiverfull movement (google it), so you can be sure there will be more after Josie.

Anonymous said...

As I sat reading these many opinions, I noticed that each negative comment seemed to focus on the number of children the Duggars have. First of all the person that mentioned that people in past times had lots of children just to help with the workload is only partially right. It was also done because there was NO BIRTH CONTROL and the death rate was so high.

Now for the ones who are stuck on how many children they have....this unfortunate event can happen to 1st time parents. It can happen with the 3rd pregnancy or any pregnancy. I have to agree with the Rachlsmom what does it matter to you how many children that they have. None of you and I mean NONE OF YOU, are financially contributing to this family. It does say in the bible...Judge not lest ye be judged and with the same measure in which ye judge. He who lives in a glass house let him throw the first stone and also Before you take the speck out of your neighbors eye take the plank out of your own. Be careful what you say about people. God is listening. It is an unfortunate circumstance and this child doesnt deserve to have its parents ripped apart for bringing her into this world. Use your words to edify others.

Anonymous said...

i like shannon :)

as for those who have an issue with anyone having an opinion about this- one way or the other- you can blame the Duggars. they decided to make their family a media circus, so they lay themselves open for both criticism and praise. get over it.

kris in the sunny state

Anonymous said...

To the blogger...

Do you watch the show?? They do show how small she is, they show her in the NICU. They do get educated probably better than your kids so maybe you should start thinking before you type.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

ANON on 04-03-10, this post was created and published back in December of 2009.

Natalie said...

I'm with Shannon! Use birth control! LISTEN to your doctor when he says your uterus might explode! Adopt unloved, already living children instead of making new ones! That's all I have to say.

Lynne said...

Why do they keep getting pregnant? Well, initially it was because of their religious beliefs. They themselves said this in an interview. But NOW, in 2010, why are they still getting pregnant? Well, CHA-CHING!!! Money talks. The name of their show is "19 Kids AND COUNTING." Now everyone just wants to see how many more she can crank out. Once she stops, end of series, end of income. Haven't you all noticed their new huge home since the beginning of the show? Daddy Duggar didn't buy that.

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