Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Duggar Disaster Part Two

Part Two, after reading comments and getting more riled up I felt obligated to continue where yesterday left off. The opinions shared on this blog are my own personal views and thoughts. The facts are the facts though, so before form your own ideas about the Duggar family you might want to educate yourself without the help of TLC and the Quiverfull movement. Results may vary. Limit one per customer, offer only good in continental US and US territories. May not be combined with other offers. Subject to credit approval.

After all the drama of yesterday's post and war chest of comments, I decided to search the Internet for current updates about baby Josie Duggar. It is all sunshine, rainbows, leprechauns and smoke up your ass in the media, if you care. There is not ONE detailed report other than the announcement of her delivery at 25 weeks. I really do hope for a positive outcome on this whole disaster. I have empathy for the new baby but I do not have any sympathy for her parents.

I found a ton of the anonymous comments to be pretty finger wagging and harsh. For people who are critical of my opinion and are looking to support the Duggars, the messages were pretty hateful and mean spirited. I do not want to get into one of those holier than thou conversations, but for people who are preaching the Christian word, what about a little respect for the freedom of speech?

I find it interesting that most people do not know any of the underlying facts about this family, other than what they see on their show. There are circumstances that prevent me from embracing them as wholesome and ethical- for example, they do not have a health insurance policy with maternity benefits. They pay less than $500 a month for health coverage for their 19+ membered family. Jeff and I have seperate policies because of CJ's pre-exisitng condition of Celiac Disease, and combined we shell out over $2K a month in premiums alone. Something does not add up here. They claim to be a debt free family but after this emergency C-section and extended level III NICU stay that will be impossible. My educated guess is that this is going to cost the real tax payers of Arkansas a bloody fortune, no pun intended this time.

I find it "curious" that the Duggars do not pay any property tax or sales tax on anything they use in their home/church. This would include groceries, cleaning supplies, paper products and services for their compound. We all know what it costs us with our own families, so imagine the tax savings to a 6000 Square Foot Home

occupied by about 18 or so people give or take. If you want to laugh, think about how much toilet paper andlaundry soap they must use, and then figure that the state of Arkansas is missing about 7% of the taxable dollars on this alone. This means that the average Joe family pays more for less. That does not seem like it is fair, and it is certainly not something the Duggars or TLC are forthcoming about.

It is this kind of shady tax dodging that makes me think they are not truly providing for their kids like the rest of us. They may not be collecting welfare or food stamps but this is not much different in my humble opinion. Am I jealous? Maybe a little bit- I am jealous that my home was not completely renovated and made larger without any cost or additional tax liabilities to me, but would I trade my kid's privacy for it, NO Thanks. I am not willing to assign my kids sibling buddies for the day to day tasks normally handled by a parent. I just hire qualified child care providers as needed so that the older kids can be free to learn, play and enjoy their non-private school hours. Call me crazy folks, I actually provide for my own children. Provide and pay out of pocket.

The Duggars have a system that works for them and I respect that, I just do not like people thinking that this is a family. It is not a family anymore, it is a business. They profit from their family and church which makes their choices business decisions.

You do not have to agree with me, and you can choose if you want to continue to read my blog- that is the beauty of it. But this is my blog and I can rant if I want to, rant if I want to, you would rant to you if you had a clue.


Anonymous said...

Give 'em a break on the healthcare piece. They just need to buy enough time for Obama to pass universal healthcare, then it will be a moot point. They won't have to pay for healthcare until someone gets sick, then TLC or some charity will pay their premium for them.

Cindy said...

Sure anon, handouts are the answer for this family, that is what makes them so, ugh, Admirable, NOT!

It is irresponsible to have more children than you can afford and care for, and the Duggars exploit their family for the allmighty dollar.

Helene, you are SOOOOO right, the Duggars are a BUSINESS, not a family.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I should have noted my post as being sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You post your blogspot on the Duggars then when someone challenges you, all hell breaks loose! How do you know all these facts Mrs Blogger? I'm glad that you have $2,000 to shell out every month for insurance, yea for you! So what if they don't believe in birth control, how is it any of your business? These children are being taught real life lessons, not spending their time being taken care of by "child care providers." Next time you blog, don't get upset when someone disagrees with you!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Thanks Anon-8:32 pm I do love the drama, The facts are facts, Jim Bob Duggar appeared on Larry King and in the interview admitted that they pay $465 a month for their health insurance and they do not have maternity coverage on the plan. This is a fact.

I do not have a choice about how much my own health insurance premiums cost, I wish it was less. I could do a lot of good with the difference between $2K and $465 each month but there is no way I would select lesser coverae. I pay for these policies because I am a responsible parent who sacrifices to make sure that in an unforseen medical emergency my family will not be denied the best possible treatment or be forced to file bankruptcy for the bills.

I am sure it is easy to pass judgement because I actually hire child care providers rather than passing off my 4 under 4 to their older siblings in a buddy system. The care my kids get is totally professional, loving and nutruring- our aupair and I take great pride in working as a team.

Thanks for fueling the fire over here- I just have to wonder why people want to start dialogue but leave the comments without identifying themself. An anonymous comment is taken for the merit and integrity of the author.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

From the Larry King live Show when Joy Behar filled is as the host, 4-13-09

BEHAR: Of course. According to the latest issue of "People Magazine," you guys only pay -- the Duggar family, the 18 kids, you only pay 417 dollars a month for health insurance. How do I get on that plan? Because that's a lot of people on that health insurance for 475. That's pretty good.

JB. DUGGAR: Well, it is, but actually, we have, like, a 2,500 deductible, and then also it doesn't cover maternity. There's several different things it doesn't cover.

loren said...

As far as the NICU goes, our girls were 28 weekers and ended up costing our insurance around $850,000 before being released, and a month later one was rehospitalized costing several thousand more dollars.

Add to that the mom's extended hospital stay and c-section, and we're talking a pretty hefty bill.

Because we chose to pay NORMAL premiums, we avoided having to file for bankruptcy (my husband is a sole provider making around $50,000 at the time of their birth and could never have afforded that bill). Now it will be interesting to see if that bill will be taken on by the state or TLC.

All that aside, it's just money. I hope they realize they're gambling with lives by continuing to get pregnant. Every pregnancy is a risk (and a true miracle when everything goes well), but it doesn't take a genius to know she's at a much higher risk than the average woman.

Michele S said...

Sign me up for the cheap health insurance and no taxes. Old Jim Bob is a freaking genius. He got some woman to believe he is her master. He is spreading his seed and creating a vast progeny that is an army of Godly warriors who will one day rule the Earth Ohmygosh. I think he could be the Messiah. GASP. Or wait. The Antichrist? Double GASP.

Either way, I worship their laundry room.

Lease said...

Can I just say thank you for expressing your opinion? I wasn't aware of the creative tax evasion, but with 20 family members you almost have to assume something was not quite right with the Dugger's finances.
I honestly think if you can financially support a large family good for you. The problem I have (outside of the whole religious beliefs and what have you) is that the kids don't really have parents.
With three children I wonder how my husband and I will make sure they all get plenty of individualized attention. How can any parent have 18 kids and say they are spending quality time getting to know each of their children? They can't, there are simply not enough hours in the day.

Meg said...

Helene, I love your blog, though I don't normally comment. I have no kids yet, I just came across your blog through a series of links off of my friend's blog.

I love how these people claiming to spread the Christian word think it's fit to make judgmental comments against you on your family blog. Is that really the right thing to do - spread hate and contempt? Yes God enabled the human body to procreate again and again - but he also created a world with birth control. And baby, that's a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

If he is "The Messiah", he uses a lot more hairspray than I had imagined. This family, or business is insane. No way I'd have my children raising my children. Freaky. Those girls need college...or perhaps a well planned kidnapping. Poor uneducated things.

Amy said...

Helene - I too have been looking for updates about how the baby is doing. I find it irresponsible that there is NOTHING out there. I find so much about this irresponsible that I have no words! I'm glad you found them for me. : )

Christa @ Quintooples said...

I don't know too much about the Duggars, because I stopped watching TLC and DHC when Jon and Kate started their rampant exploitation of their kids.

We are so quick to judge the Gosselins, but really the Duggars are NO DIFFERENT. They are also exploiting their freaky family for money. They wrote a book about their family, to make more money...and I really don't find anything "Christian" in selling out your kids for all to view on TV and DVD.

The Gosselin's claimed Christianity, and so many people were blind sheeple, listening to the pure drool coming out of Kate's mouth, Jon wagging his tail the whole time.

The Duggars are absolutely no different. They may not have a nasty divorce and do it on TV, but they are SELLING THEIR KIDS!!!!!!

It's child exploitation, and nothing less.

Those kids should be paid according to SAG rules, and instead of a nest egg for THEM....it's going into a NICU in Arkansas because Michelle and JimBob could not just leave well enough alone.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that someone is not leaving their name because they happened to be affiliated with TLC? Yes, there is another side to the story friends. The Duggars are amazing people!

Anonymous said...

Au Pair??? Really?

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