Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome Back Uncle Silvan

The kids were totally insane all weekend. This behavior was designed to fully overwhelm and exhaust our favorite house guest, Uncle Silvan. The kids were on fire with energy and mood swings. Poor Uncle Silvan drove three hours each way to be covered in a urine soaked blanket and be attacked by his youngest admirers.

As soon as he walked in the door all of the children climbed into his lap and were competing to speak with him.

They took turns pulling is moustache. They showed off their new dance moves. It was a free for all at his expense. If he had an ounce of strength left he would have ran away, but instead he spent the whole weekend being the center of attention.

I was so busy multi-tasking during the two days, I barely had time to blog. I tried (unsuccessfully) a few times but managed to get the following tasks crossed off my list:

Ice Maker in fridge repaired **
Purse cleaned out
Garage Storage Shelves built, restocked and organized**
Mail weeded and mags & catalogs stacked in bathroom
New kitchen faucet installed**
Various sale foods purchased in quantity (Thanksgiving loss leaders)
Exterior window screens replaced**
5 loads of laundry done
Computer cleaned up and defragged **
Home Office ready for renovation and new French Doors
Holiday Greeting Card Envelopes addressed to letter J
Garage pantry re-designed **
Cleaning supply shelves restocked
Christmas gifts packaged to ship to Panama
Photo gifts ordered from Vista Print
Natalie's hair double washed, conditioned and combed out
Preschool lunches packed
Eye Surgery consent forms signed, dated, notarized
E-mails checked, replied, current
Blog Photos downloaded
How Fast Time Flies Memory Book pages updated
Argenida's welcome home party planned

So while Uncle Silvan was "enjoying" my children I was able to really get some stuff done. It is amazing how much I can do when someone else is watching my kids color on the walls and spill various liquids on the carpet. I am totally obsessed with countin down until Argenida is back, I even downloaded an I-phone application with a countdown timer so I can tell you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until her plane is expected to land in Columbus. Ask me, I am serious.

So thanks to Silvan and his wonderful Mother, Mrs. Krel I had a very productive weekend. I credit Mrs. Krel for raising a son that was willing to endure the wrath of torture and was kind, patient and loving with four small minds. Thanks Guys, I could not have done it without you.

After this visit I am quite certain it will be years before Silvan comes back. We might have officially frightened him away this time. If you are up for the antics, you know you are welcome back anytime Silvan. ANYTIME!

** are tasks that were assigned to persons more qualified than I am, and were thus outsourced for proper execution.

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