Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tales of Thanksgiving

So we got invited to a friend's New Albany home for Thanksgiving. I should have been thrilled with the thought of just bringing a couple of things and showing up, but I was plagued with anxiety all week. Taking four kids to someone Else's home for Thanksgiving is a lot of pressure. I thought about all the things that could go wrong and I was freaking myself out.

I spent a good portion of Thanksgiving day just hanging out with the kids at home. It was cozy and relaxing day of snuggling and sharing stories. We talked non stop about good behavior, nice manners, and acting appropriately. It was all fine and dandy but I was not 100% convinced it soaked in. After all, taking 4 kids out of a toddler friendly environment is risky at best.

I prepared some of the gluten free pumpkin pie tarts and the gluten free corn pudding casserole to bring. My Martha Stewart-esque pine cones were the hostess gift (see recipe tomorrow) and when we walked in Lauren and Ted's home smelled amazing. It was all the familiar Thanksgiving day scents wafting in the air. I smiled as I entered the front door and then, I almost fainted.The house had WHITE CARPETING. White. Carpet. Clean. Perfect. White. Carpet.

I considered shuffling all the kids back into the van before they realized what was going on, but I could not do it. I sucked it up and prayed my children would behave and act nicely. Thankfully, on Thanksgiving they were as close to perfect as possible. Everyone sat and ate like ladies and gentlemen.

They used utensils, napkins and drank from open cups. There was little if any whining or fighting and they all ate the meal and asked for second helpings. In Mommie-land this is what is known as the calm before the storm. I kept waiting and waiting for someone to spill cranberry sauce on the carpet, or for projectile puking, or for a sharpie marker incident. Can you imagine how thankful I was that my people were being solid citizens? Thanksgiving? YOU BET IT WAS!

The finished basement and play area was a huge source of entertainment.

I was able to send the kids down there to play and let them enjoy themselves under Amanda's supervision. I was thankful for Amanda's help. Very thankful.

There were are few moments of embarrassment, but fortunately, this occurred in the basement bathroom, when CJ did not realize he was supposed to close the door. On the plus side though, we know he washed his hands after going pee.

I was full on prepared to be blogging about the terrible tales of Thanksgiving. I was hedging my bets that we would be paying for carpet cleaning or offering to replace broken knick knacks. This is another Thanksgiving where I am truly grateful, pleasantly surprise and very, very thankful.


Lauren said...

Judy shared the link to this with me and your thoughts and pictures made me smile. Your kids were amazing and a joy to have around!! As for my "perfect" carpet, you must not have looked closely enough. Next time you come over I will show you the projectile vomit (both cat and human), hamster pee and various other food stains you surely overlooked. As a bonus, I might even point out the assorted magic marker, pen and pencil marks on the walls! :)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

awww Shucks Lauren, you are too kind.

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