Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smelling the Roses

My children our Ohio State Buckeyes by birth. They were born at the OSU Hospital and despite having a mother from Kansas and a Father from Indiana, they are really Buckeyes to the core.

I decorated them accordingly on Saturday in honor of the big game against Iowa. We went to Aunt Edye and Uncle Marc's house after lunch to play with the cousins and talk about all things family and football. My nephew Justin is the manager and active CEO of my fantasy football team, so it is always great to hear what he has to say. The weather was unseasonably perfect and it is not often that you can play football outside in Mid November wearing only one layer of clothing.

My kids were all over the yard enjoying themselves. It was as if they knew it was time to be outside and seize the moment- kind of like taking time to smell the roses, so to speak.

No sunny afternoon is complete without a trip to the park playground.

This time my kids spent every bit of an hour collecting these tiny brown acorns. At one point I looked over at CJ because his pants were so loaded with acorns
that his jeans were falling off. He must have crammed 30 pounds into every cargo pocket he had. I was forced to get a Halloween pumpkin container out of the van so he could continue to hunt and gather.

Natalie announced that we need more acorns so she, as the TOP CHEF, could make acron soup. We stopped to smell the roses at Lambton Park until sundown.I had to schelp home the harvested acorns for I do not know what. CJ was so proud of his kettle full of acorns that I smiled and brought them home. If you have a pet squirrel and are in need of freshly picked acorns, please call me.

We got home just in time to see the overtime ending of the OSU Buckeye football game. The win over Iowa guarantees the Buckeyes a trip to the Rose Bowl in January. As I watched them take the victory I thought it was a perfect ending to day spent smelling the roses.

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