Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mommie can we keep him?

We have a new baby in our home. Aaryn is visiting with 7 week old Moshe. Having a newborn in the house is so amazing. I am in love with the idea of it and the kids are completely obsessed with everything about him- and rightfully so, the boy is beautiful and sweet as sugar.

My kids have been taking turns holding him. They are all over him with kisses, smooches, and stroking his soft baby chick hair.

They snuggle with him and are talking non-stop about this little guy. At one point, Natalie asked if we could keep him. As much as I would love to have him here permanently, I had to explain that Moshe has parents who adore him, and he is not a puppy. As I was preaching to them about how he is not ours to keep I was secretly a little bit sad that our baby days are over. I immediately snapped out of it as I looked at the clutter all around the kitchen, saw the piles of overflowing laundry peeking out from the laundry room, and realized how overwhelmed I am on a daily basis.

So for now, we have baby fever here. Thankfully it is not contagious.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures!! Pic #3 is priceless!! Tell the kids to give Mojo a big kiss from Aunt Ellyn!!

Ellen Mrukowski said...

Love the personalized onesie and Moshe's smile! He is the sweetest little thing! So good to see you all this morning - thanks for suggesting the library. Let's get together again sometime soon.

loren said...

You're crazy ;) Baby fever happens to all of us... even those of us who are taking secretive measures NOT to get pregnant again, LOL.

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