Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A lesson in shopping

I frequent a few places on a weekly basis. Aside from the beloved Giant Eagle, I have my weekly trips to Trader Joe's, Costco and my bi-weekly stops at Big Lots and Whole Foods. I pay attention to products, prices and selection and I can tell you what to buy where based on value. I would like to think that when it comes to shopping, I have the karma for what, when and where.

I have been teaching my children the system- my system. They listen. They know what coupons are and they value a good sale or clearance rack. Sometimes when they really, really want me to buy something, they will ask if it is on sale or if we have coupon because they know that may just cinch the deal. I am not sure they get it 100% yet, but overall, I think they got my genes in the shopping department.

For example: I would never buy San Pelligrino Limonta or Orangina in cans at Giant Eagle. Never. A six pack of 12 ounce cans is $7.99 there. At Costco 24 cans, (12 of each flavor) is $13.29.
I allow the children to indulge in this special Italian soda because it is one of the few carbonated beverages made without High Fructose Corn Syrup. They love it and we ration one can among the four of them so it is a highly coveted item around here. G-d forbid they ask me to buy it anywhere except Costco.

Likewise my kids are trying to teach me their shopping system. They subscribe to the "I see it, I like it, I want it, I must have it now" philosophy which was my own rationale back in the good old days. I invented that one, so when they try that shit on me now, I am on to them- big time! They do try though. They try and try and try and rarely, if ever do I kiss ten bucks goodbye.

I treated Charlotte to a girls day with Wende Powell and me. We hit the Jeffersonville Outlets and spent the time getting some holiday gifts. I scored some great buys at the Children's Place Outlet and with my handy dandy 20% coupon the 99 cent tights were about eighty cents. I made Charlotte take note of that one. In turn, she was sure to show me the retro kitchen pieces at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet.

She played and pretended to prepare some cookies while Wende and I lamented how if I was going to drop almost $200 bucks on a kitchen appliance, I would replace my actual ones with a upgraded model, and let the kids play with my old appliances. While the Pottery Barn Kids version is adorable, I know that even if it were marked down to $25, I would not buy it because with four small but mighty people monkeying around, it would be destroyed in about a week. If that.

Later with all the kids along for the fun at Costco my monkeys sampled everything in sight. They tried some freshly ground strawberry sorbet creation made with 5 or 6 fresh vegetables and fruit, and a vita-mix blender. My children were mesmerized by the demonstration.

They watched the sales guy make three different rounds of smoothies while he talked into a microphone head set. It was a slick sales pitch for the whirling machine making the samples they tasted. He gave the schpiel over and over and my little shoppers were in complete awe. They hung on his every move while he preached into the amplified speakers. They begged me to buy the Vita Mix and when I resisted they quoted the sales pitch almost word for word. While it is quite convincing coming from a bunch of four year olds, I was able to resist the $395 blender and get the hell out of there. Does anyone own this miraculous machine? Do people really fork over $400 for a blender? I need a lesson in Vita mix apparently.

So on this day before Thanksgiving I am shouting out about my shopping prowess. I am probably one of the few people who love this time of year for all things shopping related. I hope that my sweet children begin to understand why Mommie is leaving at Midnight tomorrow night. I am not sure who was getting the lessons this week, the kids or me. Stay tuned!

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Wendy said...

I own a Vita-mix and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I've only had it for a few months, but I have made my own peanut butter (very tasty - using raw peanuts and almonds with a little almond oil), tons of green smoothies and popsicles(purees the greens so well NONE of my kids nor the neighbor kids know there's kale, spinach and other goodies hidden in there - lots of it to be honest), and I've whipped up ice cream (frozen fruit, yogurt, milk and maybe a carrot or two - hee, hee) in seconds flat for a healthy dessert. I also grate parmesan all the time in it. There are so many recipes, my only issue is time.

I was skeptical at first too (okay, I thought people were downright crazy to spend that much on a blender), but after seeing it come up so much different places, I decided to do more research. And then decided to buy one, which was hard given the price. It only pays if you want to do things a food processer or blender can't do well. I do love mine though and use it all the time.


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