Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am not Oprah Winfrey

I remember when Oprah did her liquid medifast diet and lost a ton of weight. She revealed herself on an episode of her show and wore size 8 Calvin Klein Jeans with a tight black top. Oprah looked amazing that day.She was svelte and stylish and people everywhere wanted to be on that diet. Every woman who had ever had weight issues was jealous of Oprah and her appearance. When she hauled out a wagon full of fat to show just how much weight she lost it was memorable. I still recall that show.

Fast forward to months later when dear Oprah was steadily putting on weight again. It was plain as day that those size 8 Calvins were a thing of the past. Oprah's weight was/is like the stock market- some days up, some days down but mostly all over the place. There is no way in hell Oprah can squeeze her left leg into those famous Calvins today.

I am not Oprah Winfrey. While we both struggle with a fluctuation in our weight, I would never, ever in a million years go on national television and say how much I weighed or what size my jeans were. UNLESS, (of course) I was in single size digits and felt confident I was staying there. Hmmmmmm. Let me just think this through. I would put it out there if I was in single digit sizes.

Once you put it out there no one forgets. My point is that I can still recall Oprah in those jeans as if it were yesterday, and today I am chomping at the bit to reveal my new post triplet plus one baby, post Dr. Aziz bod. All right people.... I am in single size digits on the bottom.

I bought a jean skirt at Old Navy today. I saw it on my skinny bitch*** of a sister last weekend and had to have it. It was the most perfect skirt for tall boots. So I got myself into Old Navy at Easton and I tried on the size 10. It was swimming on me. I got re-dressed, found the size 8 and trotted back to the fitting room. I stood in the mirror aghast at how it was roomy. Too roomy really. Oh My Gawd, I needed the size 6 as in, SIZE S-I-X. I had my aha moment in that dressing room. I went out to the rack, grabbed the size 6, tried it on, loved it and bought it right then and there. As I drove home I had my flashbacks to Oprah and wondered if this would be the first, last and only day I would be able to model the size 6 Old Navy Jean skirt?

I am totally and completely motivated to look amazing in this skirt for the rest of my life.I am not Oprah Winfrey. I would never let my friends and enemies say, "Oh yeah, I remember Helene, right after her hysterectomy and tummy tuck, she was like a size 6. I recall how she posted photos of her thinner self on her blog. Now, Helene can't fit her right leg into that skirt!" Oh the shame. I-Cant-Go-There. I would not post this if I thought it was a passing fancy.

This denim skirt cost $11.99 and is a size six, it is my proverbial Calvins. I will keep the photos of me, and the photos of Oprah on the fridge to stay motivated. Perhaps this would be a great time to send Dr. Aziz a thank you note!

*** skinny bitch is said in the kindest possible way- it is lovingly labeled for Rachelle.


Ellen said...

While you definitely look hot in the photo, the cuteness of the skirt and boots, plus the skinny-ness aren't done justice in the photo. In person you were blazing H-O-T and S-K-I-N-N-Y!!! Great job, Helene ... you're my much-neede inspiration (although I came out of the womb a size 6 :)

O'Brien Bunch said...

Who is Dr. Aziz you flaming momma to many? And may I rent him from you? Please?

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