Friday, November 6, 2009

Eating Chinese Food the Gluten Free way at Pei Wei

We have been taking the kids to Pei Wei, way too much lately. Eating at Pei Wei with a bunch of kids is easy. The quick service style restaurant version of P.F.Changs is kid friendly because it is fast and casual. They offer an amazing spicy chicken dish that is prepared Gluten Free right down to the snazzy sauce. Just ask to see their Gluten Free Menu when you are ordering and you will have some real choices.

To say my children inhale the gluten free spicy chicken with carrots, sugar snap peas and steamed rice would be inaccurate.

They do not inhale it, they shovel it into their mouths with kiddie banded chopsticks. This is an all time slam dunk treat for us. Let the love fest begin when we sit down and wait for our food to be delivered. My kids were being extremely affectionate while we watched the food being prepared, and of course I whipped out my camera and got it captured.

Since I know you will be head over heels for this gluten free Chinese Food, make sure you pick up a Pei Wei rewards card and then register it on line. This is a loyalty program that earns you free food.

So on this Gluten Free Friday I encourage you to try the Gluten Free Menu at Pei Wei. It will become a new obsession in dining out.

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Anonymous said...

How weird, yesterday I found out I needed to be on a gluten free diet, today i was looking for scented pine cones recipe and found both. Thanks for your info, enjoy your kids, it is the most important job you'll ever do.

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