Monday, November 9, 2009

A Contest for my blog readers

This will be fun. Let's have a contest shall we? The winner will get a prize valued at $29. Whoooo Hoooo! Everyone likes to get stuff for free, so now is your chance. Keep Reading!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my children are really into celebrating each and every holiday- especially Halloween. I was unprepared for all the doo dahs, decor and festive Halloween themed crap this year. I vowed that next Halloween I will be armed and ready with supplies. I would not disappoint.

It would just about kill me to pay full price for seasonal stuff so today, I managed to find time (while triplets were at Temple Beth Chanel) to go into two different Giant Eagle stores. I brought Charlotte along to scavenge through the 75% off remnants. The selection was really good and at one point I looked over at my baby- she had moved my purse to take a little nap.

The girl was totally tuckered out and managed to sleep soundly for 25 minutes. I am not complaining at all. Her nap allowed me the chance to really take my time and scour the carts full of Halloween leftovers.

I did really, really well. I got almost everything at 75% off although some of the higher end merchandise was 90% because they wanted to get rid of it to make room for the Christmas items. Here is the loot.

Here is a quick inventory:
Wilton pumpkin muffin pan (2)
Shopping tote bags designed for trick or treat (10)
Glowing light sticks with LCD blinking lights (5)
Large Purple and Orange Pumpkin Bowl- Melanine, heavy
Boxed Silly Straws (2)
Asscrted Muffin Tin Liners and Pumpkin Picks
Orange Pumpkin Outdoor Hanging Windsock Ornament with light kit inside
Black Cat Melanine Cookie Platter
Party Tray Jack O'Lantern (take and toss style)

Take a guess at how much I spent all together...leave your guess in the comment section below and the person closest to the total without going over (think Showcase Showdown on Price is Right) will win a Wilton Jack O'Lantern muffin pan as shown above. I got two and will send one to the lucky winner. Original retail price of $29.....oooooh. ahhhhhh.

So go for it- take a guess and make sure you do not log in as anonymous. Duh. This pan is way too cool to let someone else win it.


Amanda said...


Sarah said...


Mona Baker said...


Rosemary said...


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

19.78- I missed the muffin tin at my G.E. Great finds!

ree said...


C'mon WIN!!

Julie said...


Jean said...


O'Brien Bunch said...

Did you already announce this?

I'm behind.

75-90% off?


No Name said...

I'd say $220...

No Name said...

Umm, make it $440...

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