Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CJ's Special Day

Every so often I make a special individualized day for each child. They get some one on one time without those pesky siblings tagging along. Today, CJ got his day with me and I made it special in a way that only a four year old boy would love.

As we left the hotel, Jeff's mini-mepicked up some marketing postcards and a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Like Father like son, much?

Jeff took the other three kids to a Children's museum while Caleb James and I spent the morning together at the Cleveland Clinic. This is our annual check in with the medical team that saved his life. It is a very special visit that is more social than medial, but is a great marker for how far we have come in the journey. This is CJ

with his pal Dr. Kadakkal Radhakrishnan, the pediatric gastroenterologist. That is a mouthful, huh? Dr. Krishnan as he likes to be called, made sure everyone knew CJ was a handsome Celiac Success Story.

While most kids would not find a day of doctors appointments fun, we managed to pass the time enjoying the moment. As we waited for CJ to meet with the ENT doctor, we made our own music. Thanks to my handy dandy I-phone, CJ jammed, danced and sang along to a little Van Morrison.

When the ENT doctor came in CJ was full on putting on a show. We learned that CJ has some big-ass tonsils and adenoids and that we get to spend another special day together in December when he has them removed. I will have to put a really good spin on the surgical process. Unlimited ice cream? Popsicles? Stickers? I am sure Jeff will suggest that we get CJ a plasma wall mount television as a prize, but we all know that is more about Daddy than the boy.

They are like twins separated by about 49 years. They are both deserving of a special day!

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